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Did you know that the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism is funded in part by donations and gifts from individuals like yourself?


Please consider helping us end 2017 strong! Partner with us by making a tax-deductible gift. See below for details on our giving options.  

The Center has a powerful history of training leaders in evangelism, launching national networks, and resourcing the Church towards greater gospel witness. We are continuing that legacy with great vigor! Let me share just a few of the things we’ve done in the past year:

  • 70,000 people were equipped in evangelism, in person and online
  • Launched two new networks: the Evangelism Leaders Fellowship and the BGC Fellows
  • Launched the Rural Matters Institute for rural pastors and leaders
  • Worked tirelessly towards Amplify 2017, our national conference on evangelism
  • Built out the research arm of the Center
  • Hosted three evangelism training events
  • Created several new print and digital resources, including a weekly podcast

What Your Gift Can Do

  • Your gift of $50 can help us create video resources like those found on our Gospel Life YouTube channel so that Christian leaders both in the church and the marketplace will deepen their commitment to gospel witness.

  • Your gift of $100 can help us create online resources such as our Gospel Life blog so that thousands of people each month will be inspired toward gospel witness.

  • Your gift of $500 can help us co-sponsor events like our upcoming National Evangelism Conference, June 27-29, 2017, so that Christian leaders can find ways to lead in way that includes a deep commitment to gospel proclamation.

  • Your gift of $1000 can help us continue to grow our Church Evangelism Initiative, which seeks to see congregations grow through conversion.

  • Your gift of $5000 can help us further develop various research and networking intiatives.  

YOUR GIFT of $100 or more will not only bless our ministries, but we will also send you a bound version of our latest 40-page resource, "Spiritual Disciplines & Evangelism: A guide to use the spiritual disciplines to grow our gospel witness." Partner with us today!


Making a gift online is easy. Simply click the link below and you will be taken to our safe giving page. Make an online gift >>

Want to make a gift another way? Visit our Other Ways to Make a Gift page.

Remember that your gift to us is tax-deductible. Thank you for standing with us to see a world transformed by the gospel!


“The Graham Center is helping a lot of us think more deeply about how we can share faith in Jesus in a meaningful cross-cultural manner.” – Tuvya Zaretsky, Jews for Jesus

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