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According to the Barna Group, only 52% of Christians are sharing their faith. In other words, half the Church is in the habit of hiding its gospel witness under the proverbial basket.

Furthermore, today’s changing world poses formidable obstacles for evangelism. Multiculturalism, secularism, Islam, nominal Christianity, and fear are just a few of the current challenges that stand in our way. Amidst these complexities, the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism is dedicated to centering the Church on gospel witness in a variety of ways, including in churches, on campuses, online, and through training events.

Will you come alongside us in this mission? Your gift in any amount will make a kingdom impact.

To give online, visit the Make a Gift form.

(Note, once there, enter the amount of your gift and then check "Give to area(s) of your choice" below the Designation Options. Scroll down to Programs and check "Billy Graham Center."

For detailed instructions on how to give online, see below.

For other ways to give, visit Make a Gift to the BGCE.

If you have any questions or would like to meet or speak with me in person, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to get to know you and to talk about how your passion for evangelism intersects with our mission to train the Church for credible gospel witness.

CastaldoChris Castaldo
Associate Director of Development
Billy Graham Center for Evangelism | 630.674.3712

Giving Online

Giving to the BGCE online is easy and safe. Here is how to make an online donation:

1. Gifts to the BGCE are processed through Wheaton College. To give to the BGCE, visit Make a Gift. There, enter the amount of your gift and then check "Give to area(s) of your choice" under Designation Options (see sample below).

Make a Gift

2. A pop-up will appear to choose one or more designation. Scroll down to Programs and check "Billy Graham Center for Evangelism." Then click Continue (see sample below).

Make a Gift 

3. When the pop-up closes, the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism will appear as a Selected Designation (see sample below).  Below that, you can leave a gift comment where you can indicate if the gift is:

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