Often, Christian laypeople think of discipleship and ministry in narrow terms of church-based activities. In a recent Barna Group five-year study on why young people are leaving the church, for example, 84% of Christians ages 18 to 29 said they have no idea how the Bible applies to their professional interests.

Young adults need to see the societal and kingdom value of their own present and future daily work so that work will become for them a vital arena for personal discipleship, stewardship of gifts, and service to the world.

What does it look like for the next generation to be able to naturally segue into a faith dialogue as part of their discipline? How can we train up students to be effective in gospel witness in a multitude of situations?

The BGCE is committed to helping students learn to integrate faith and witness into every part of their lives. BGCE staff lead mentoring communities to help Wheaton College students develop a rich faith life and a deep commitment to gospel witness. 

We also launched the Evangelism Initiative, which encourages higher education institutions to develop an ethos of evangelism which carries over into every part of campus life and leads to graduates who can effectively move from any discipline into faith conversations. Learn more >

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