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About the Institute for Prison Ministries


IPM began as a result of the vision of Charles Colson and Kenneth Wessner. In 1984, through the generosity of Kenneth and Norma Wessner and a longtime business partner, the Institute for Prison Ministries was established. The Charles W. Colson Scholarship was added in 1986.

IPM provides training, programs, and resources for offenders and their families, correctional officers, and victims.


The following have served as IPM directors:

Mr. Don Smarto 1984-1996

Dr. Richard Bundy 1999-2000

Mr. Dave Haidle (interim) 2000-2002

Mr. Angulus Wilson 2002-2004

Mr. Dave Haidle (interim) 2004-2005

Dr. Karen Swanson 2005 - Present

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