Nominal Christianity


According to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life’s U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, there are a total of 132,060,000 Americans who identify with the Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox traditions. Sociologists of religion tell us that three out of every four of these are partially evangelized (i.e., are nominal Christians), thus leaving over 99,000,000 such people in the United States.

What does it look like to equip those who love Jesus to witness fully and faithfully to those who only have a partial understanding of what a true relationship with Jesus Christ entails? How can we train up others to be effective in communicating to their nominally Christian neighbors, friends, and family?

The BGCE, through its Ministry of Gospel Renewal, is committed to providing Christians with the requisite training for understanding, building bridges, and effectively relating the gospel among their partially evangelized friends and loved ones. 

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