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A comprehensive listing of CACE events over the last decade


2013-2014 Facing Tough Questions

Does God Favor the Poor?  If so, what does that mean for us?.  Wheaton College Faculty Panel discusses the topic of Christian Freedom and the Poor.  

The Joys and Challenges of Entrepreneurship.  Andrew Nemr shares his insights on running a business as not only the product but the manager and other challenges for young entrepreneurs.

Land of the Free?  The State of Religious Liberty in the U.S.  Co-sponsored with Justice Coalition and the Presidents Office, Thursday, March 20, 2014

"On Being a Chekovian Christian and a Blues Man:  Christianity, Pragmatism and Democracy" featuring Dr. Cornel West, Professor Union Theological Seminary.

"To Repair the World:  Rebuilding Haiti" featuring Dr. Paul Farmer, founder Partners in Health.

"Freedom and Responsibility for Christian Citizens"  featuring Dr. Charles Mathewes. To learn more about Dr. Mathewes, click here.

"The Bible and Democracy in America": This interconfessional Christian Conversation featured several Wheaton College faculty including CACE director Dr. Vincent Bacote, Dr. Henry Allen, Dr. Amy Black, Dr. Edith Blumhofer and  Dr. Jennifer McNutt, along with other prominent speakers.

The Growth and Challenges of Christianity in Africa featuring Dr. Benjamin Argak Kwashi - Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Jos (Nigeria) and Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Jos in the Church of Nigeria - and Gloria Kwashi

2010-2011 - Challenges in Christian Ethics: Charting a course for the 21st Century

09/02/2010  What Are the Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade?
Arrn, Kilner, McLuhan
 10/07/2010 Justice after evil: A Christian Ethic on Political Reconciliation
Philpott, Dan
 10/05/2010 Christian Moral Formation: Race and Redemption in the Age of Obama
 10/20/2010  Light in a Dark World
Wheaton Faculty
 11/02/2010 Christian Moral Formation: The Blessing of an Uneasy Conscience
 01/19/2011 Christian Muslim Relationships: A Response to Christian Pluralism
Patel, Jethani
 02/09/2011 Can God be Trusted? Faith and the Challenge of Evil
Stackhouse, John
 03/21/2011 CACE Spring Conference


2009-2010 - Created or Crafted: Exploring Identity 


 09/03/2009 Penner Event: Can you be Catholic and Evangelical?
George & Beckwith
 10/01/2009 Sviraj Balkan: Jam Dance Lessons and and Concert
 10/22/2009 Asain Music For Everyone: Multiple Events
co-sponsored w/Conservatory of Music
 11/08/2009 Christian Moral Formation Lectureship
Kang, Steve
 01/19/2010 The Emerging Church: Origins, Doctrine, Truth, Rumors
Kimball and Jethani
 02/03/2010 African-American Identity through a Pragmatic Lens
Glaude, Eddie
 02/10/2010 Who's welcome at the table?
Wheaton Faculty
 03/16/2010 CACE Spring Conference: Exploring Identity: Created or Crafted?

The Identity of a Christian College
Litfin, Duane


2008-2009 - Authentic Living in a 5000 Channel Universe


10/08/2008 Evangelicals and Empire
Benson and Heltzel

Urban Nightmares: Media and the moral panic over the city
Maceks, Steve


Where do we go from here? Evangelical influence after the election
Litfin, Mouw


Christian Moral Formation Lectureship
Joseph, Mark


Intersection of Faith, Media, and Politics
Brooks, David

02/20/2009 CACE Spring Conference: Authentic Living in a 5000 Channel Universe

iPhone, therefore iAm: Debating the effects of Media
Schuchardt & Campen


Are we in an age of missing information?
McKibben, Bill


A Christian Response to the New Atheism
D'Souza, Dinesh 


2007-2008 - Christian Moral Engagement in the World 


09/20/2007 HIV & Morality Panel
10/11/2007 Christian Moral Engagement in Politics
Sen. Coats, Congressman Fazio, Gerson

Christian Moral Formation Lectureship
Strauss, Gideon


Faith In the Halls of Power
Lindsay, Michael


So You Want to be A Rockstar?
Pinnick, Doug


CACE Spring Conference
Dr. Skillen, Rev. Flake, Dr. Bottum, Dr. Long


40th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr.'s Assasination
Marsh, Charles


2006-2007 - Environment, Economics, Equity



Making Sense of the Immigration Debate
Tsao, Fred


Private Property and the Regulatory State
Alexander, Ann


Christian Moral Formation Lectureship
Drs. Kasali


Global Climate Change: A Faithful Response Panel Discussion


Climatologist Sir John Houghton
Enviroment Lectures


Environment, Economics, and Equity
Spring Conference


2005-2006 - Freedom and Community


09/15/2005 The Role of the United States in the World Community
Fall Debate

Reading the Sermon on the Mount

11/07/2006 Lectureship in Christian Moral Formation
Ruth Padilla DeBorst

"Freedom and Community"
Spring Conference


Promises and Perils of Stem Cells
Science Symposium


2004-2005 - The Future of Humanity



Building a Better Human
Penner Debate


Living the Peace of Jesus in a Time of War


Will Affluence Kill Our Commitment? "Following Jesus in a Materialist World"


Business as Mission Conference "God's Purpose for Buisness"


The Future of Humanity: Technology, Medicine, and Genetics
Spring Conference


2003-2004 - Moral Judgement and Decision Making


09/09/2003 Church Growth in a Consumer Culture
Penner Debate

Business and the New Awakening, Moral and Spiritual Equity


Faith, Profit and Decision Making
Spring Conference



2002-2003 - Liberty, Security and Dissent


Liberty, Security and Dissent


What is a Christians Patriotic Duty after 9-11?
CACE Fall Debate


Freedom and Sex


Is Preemptive War Morally Advisable?


Liberty, Security, and Dissent
Spring Conference


2001-2002 - Cultivating Conscience: Exploring Moral Development


Can Public Schools Really Strengthen Moral Character? Penner Debate


Barriers to Moral Development


The Nature of Spiritual Formation

 03/20/2002  Exploring Moral Formation
CACE Spring Conference

An Evening with C. Everett Koop


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