2016 - 2017 CACE Faculty Article Series

Theater as a Way of Knowing- Faculty Seminar 2016-17


Robert Bishop  Creation as Theater
Dr. Robert Bishop 
 Johann Buis Veritas Corpus
Dr. Johann Buis 
Alison Gibson
 CACE Seminar Reflections 
Dr. Alison Gibson
 Dr. Jeffrey Galbraith  Theater as a Way of Knowing
Dr. Jeffrey Galbraith
 Sarah Holman

Theater as a Way of Knowing
Dr. Sarah Holman
 Brian Howell
An Unexamined Life is Over Rated:  
Reflections on Theater as a Way of Knowing

Dr. Brian Howell 
 Beth Felker Jones - Wheaton College - Wheaton, IL Reflection
Dr. Beth Jones 
Tiffany Kriner  I Have Nothing for You - Playing the Role of Poor in Spirit
Dr. Tiffany Kriner
 Alexander Loney A Rich Experience
Dr. Alexander Loney 
 Kim Sasser

CACE Seminar Reflections
Dr. Kim Sasser

 Laura Yoder Oppressed, Oppressor, Substitute, Observer
Dr. Laura Yoder 

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