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 04/02/14 Faculty PanelFaculty Panel
Does God Favor the Poor?  If so what does that mean for us?
 03/24/14 TappingAndrew Nemr Chapel
 02/25/14 Cornel West Dr. Cornel West
Christianity, Pragmatism, and Democracy
 02/05/14 Paul FarmerDr. Paul Farmer
To Repair the World:  Rebuilding Haiti
 11/11/13 Charles MattehewsDr. Charles Mattehews
Freedom and Responsibility for Christian Citizens
 03/26/2013  Bollier, Tony
Christians in Professional Sports:  The Privilege and Peril of Working for the NBA.
 03/25/2013 Ross Douthat wheaton college
Douthat, Ross
Bad Religion, How we Became a Nation of Heretics
 03/18/13 Paul Tripp
Tripp, Paul
Finding Sexual Sanity in aCulture Gone Crazy
 02/25/2013  John Tyson and David Miller Video
Tyson, John and Miller, David
Can Faith Work in Business?
 01/28/2013  Bob Doll
Doll, Bob
Failure:  The Surprising Stepping Stone to Success.
 01/28/2013 Steve Garber 
Garber, Steve
What's Next?  Living into a Faith that Shapes a Vocation that Shapes a Culture.
White, Andrew
Religion and Politics in Iraq.  A firsthand look.
 11/12/2012 Jimmy Spenser, Jr.
Spenser, Jimmy Jr.
 Can we really love without agenda?  Christian Moral Formation Lecture
 10/29/2012  Eric Kniffin
Kniffin, Eric
Why Are We Doing This?  Wheaton and the HHS Lawsuit.
 04/23/2012  Harnick, George
The Barmen Declaration:  Opposed to Hitler and the Nazis?
 04/18/2012 Dr. Timothy Johnson ABC News
Johnson, Timothy 
The Truth About Getting Sick in America
 03/21/2012  Artwork
Righteous Bodies - Faculty Panel

Cooper, John
The Body-Soul Relation in Scripture and the Christian Life: A Case for Dualistic Holism


Porter, Laura and Harlow, Luke 
Panel Discussion

03/17/2012  Mark Noll

Noll, Mark
We Both Pray to the Same God: The Problem of Providence in the American Civil War

03/16/2012 Tracy McKenzie

And the War Came: Moral Reflection and the Causes of the Conflict

   Bantum, Brian
The Bodied Word: Theology, Discipleship and the Problem of the Visible Body
   Leithart, Peter
Defending Constantine?
 10/31/2011  Chris Rice

Chris Rice
Mission, Justice and Holiness:  A Crossroads in Christian History   
 9/19/2011  margot starbuck

 Margot Starbuck
01/19/2011 Skye Jethani Eboo Patel

Skye Jethani and Eboo Patel
Christian Muslim Relationships: The Response to Christian Pluralism
09/02/2010 Dr. Larry ArnnDr. John KilnerDr. Eric McLuhan
  Larry Arrn, John Kilner, Eric McLuhan
Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade, Part 1

Arrn, Kilner, McLuhan
Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade, Part 2
03/31/2010 Diane Litfin
  Dr. Duane Litfin
Identity of a Christian College
3/14/2010 Anthony Bradley
  Anthony Bradley
Can You Really See Me? Social Justice & Loving the Other
02/03/2010 Dr. Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.
  Eddie Glaude
Africian American Identity through a Pragmatic Lens & Q & A


MP3 Audio Resources

 02/16/12  Lehrer, Riva
Mirror Shards: Animals & Metaphor (drawing and painting that addresses the disabled human body)
 02/09/12  Raphael, Judith
On the Fly
 02/07/12  Bantum, Brian
The Bodied Word: Theology, Discipleship and the Problem of the Visible Body
 02/02/12  Chavez, Lia
The Revitalized Gaze: Nudity, Molten Bodies, and the Spectatorship of Intimacy
 11/02/11 Leithart, Peter
Defending Constantine?
 11/01/11 Rice, Chris
The Pilgrimage to Transformation:  Tasting the Mysteries of God in a Divided World
 10/31/11 Rice, Chris
Mission, Justice and Holiness:  A Crossroads in Christian History
10/24/2011 Panel Discussion: Strauss, Gideon, Wooten, Colin
What is Just Service?
09/19/2011 Starbuck, Margot

White, Andrew
Faith under Fire: The Persecution of Christians in Baghdad

03/28/2011 Fea, Dr. John
The Moral Responsibility of the Historian & the Case for Christian America
03/24/2011 Volf, Dr. Miroslav
Allah: A Christian Response
03/23/2011 Kuehne, Dr. Dale
Sex and the iWorld
03/23/2011 Larsen, Dr. Tim
The Evangelical Mind Today
 03/21/2011 Chaplin, Johathan
What Makes a Nation Christian?
03/14/2011 Jones, Dr. Stanton
What the Sciences have to say about Homosexuality
Jethani, Patel
Christian Muslim Relationships: The Response to Christian Pluralism

Stackhouse, Dr. John
Can God be Trusted? Faith and the Challenge of Evil

01/24/2011 Stauffer, Dr Carl
Subversive Engagement: A Christian's Posture in the 21st Century
01/19/2011 Jethani, Patel
Christian Muslim Relationships: The Response to Christian Pluralism
11/02/2010 Schmalzbauer, Dr. John
The Blessing of an Uneasy Conscience • Ethics
10/20/2010 Faculty Panel
Light in a Dark World • Ethics
10/07/2010 Philpott, Dr. Dan
Justice after evil: A Christian Ethic on Political Reconciliation • Ethics
10/05/2010 Bassard, Dr. Kathy
Race and Redemption in the Age of Obama • Ethics
09/02/2010 Arrn, Larry, Kilner, John McLuhan, Eric
Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade2
09/02/2010 Arrn, Larry, Kilner, John McLuhan, Eric
Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade1
03/31/2010 Litfin, Dr. Duane
Identity of a Christian College and Q & A • Identity
03/17/2010 Bradley, Dr. Anthony
Can You Really See Me?: Social Justice & Loving the Other • Identity
03/17/2010 Faculty Panel
Shaping Christian Identity: Educating for character as well as content • Identity
03/16/2010 Jones, Beth Felker
Changing the Conversation about Evangelical Feminism • Identity
02/10/2010 Panel Discussion
Who's Welcome at the Table? • Identity
02/03/2010 Glaude, Dr. Eddie
Africian American Identity through a Pragmatic Lens & Q & A • Identity

Kimball, Dan and Skye Jethani
The Emerging Church Lecture 2 • Identity


Kimball, Dan
The Emerging Church Lecture 1 • Identity


Kang, Dr. S. Steve
One Identity, Multiple Voices: Forming the Christian Self 2 Identity


Kang, Dr. S. Steve
One Identity, Multiple Voices: Forming the Christian Self 1 Identity


George & Beckwith
Can you be Catholic and Evangelical? & Q & A • Identity


D'Souza, Dinesh
A Reasonable Faith: Intellectual Foundations for Communicating the Gospel in American Culture • Theology


D'Souza, Dinesh
A Christian Response to the New Atheism • Theology


McKibben, Bill
Building a movement to defend creation • Climate


McKibben, Bill
An age of missing information • Media


Schuchardt, Dr. Read & Campen, Bryan
iPhone, therefore iAm • Media


Patitucci, John, Cowherd, Jon and Witkowski, Deanna
Christians in the Music Business


Lewis, Dr. Mark & Reifsnyder, David
Getting into the Room • Media

 11/12/2008 Joseph, Mark
The Nature of Power - Washington
 11/13/2008 Joseph, Mark
The Nature of Power - Hollywood

Block, Dr. Daniel
The Decalogue in the Old Testament • Theology


Evans, Dr. Craig
The Decalogue in the New Testament • Theology


Salvesen, Dr. Alison
Origen and the Church Fathers • Theology


Novak, Dr. David
Maimonides of the First Commandment • Theology


Levering, Dr. Matthew • Aquinas on the Decalogue • Theology


Wengert, Dr. Timothy
Martin Luther on the Ten Commandments • Theology


Schreiner, Dr. Susan
John Calvin on the Ten Commandments • Theology


Greenman, Dr. Jeffrey
Lancelot Andrewes on the Ten Commandments • Theology


Trueman, Dr. Carl
John Owen on the Decalogue • Theology


Long, Dr. D. Stephen
John Wesley and the Relation of the Two Tables • Theology


Larsen, Dr. Timothy
Christina Rossetti, the Decalogue, & Biblical Interpretation


Husinger, Dr. George
Karl Barth on the First Commandment • Theology


Marsh, Dr. Charles
Redemption, Reconciliation & Creation of Beloved Community:
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Christian Vision


Long, Dr. D. Stephen
Political Questions Christians Must Ask


Flake, Bottum, Skillen
Christian Politics & Public Life: & Pt 2 w/Q & A


Flake, Dr. Floyd H.
Reflections on Public Service and Private Life


Bottum, Dr. Joseph
The Political Disaster of the Protestant Mainline


Skillen, Dr. Jim
Public Service, Rightly Understood, is Kingdom Service


Wallis, Dr. Jim
The Great Awakening


Lindsay, D. Michael
Faith in the Halls of Power


Strauss, Gideon
Wonder, Heartbreak, and Hope


Strauss, Gideon
Wonder, Heartbreak, and Hope


Coats, Fazio, Gerson
Christian Moral Engagement in Politics & Q & A


Panel Discussion
HIV and Morality Part 1 & HIV and Morality Panel Part 2


Holmes, Dr. Arthur
Just War Theory • Politics


Grohe, Herr Hermann
Working as a Christian in German Politics • Politics


Brown, Ed
Development and the Environment • Climate


Morris, Vincent
The Greening of Wheaton College • Climate


Halteman, Dr. Matt
Living Toward the Peaceable Kingdom


Halteman, Dr. Matt
Animal Rights and Christian Responsibility


Moo, Dr. Doug
New Testament Eschatology & the Environment


Ohlman, Dean
The Lord Says to Take Care of His World • Climate


Houghton, Sir John
Global Warming: A Challenge to Scientists & Christians • Climate


Houghton, Sir John
Environmental Politics Class Lecture & Q & A • Climate


Houghton, Sir John
Sir John's Word to Pastors • Climate


Litfin, Dr. Duane
Global Climate Change Panel Introductory Remarks • Climate


Allen, Dr. Douglas
Is the Sky Falling? A Brief Overview of Climate Change Science


Page, Dr. Kristen
Global Climate Change: Implications for Global Health • Climate


Hill, Dr. P.J. Hill
The Economics of Global Climate Change • Climate


Toly, Dr. Noah
Climate Change: The International Response • Climate


Sleeth, Matthew
Why Wheaton College Needs to Take a Leadership Role in Earth Stewardship


Tsao, Fred
Making Sense of the Immigration Debate • Politics


Alexander, Ann
The Earth is the Lord's: A Christian Perspective on Property Rights


Taylor, Dr. Mark Lewis
Prophetic Spirit: Speaking Truth To Power


Swain, Dr. Carol
Main Issues in Contemporary Immigration Debates


Clark, Dr. Chap
Hope for a HURT Generation


Swain, Dr. Carol
Racial Reconciliation the Right & Wrong Way


Overview Session
Overview of Stem Cell Development • Stem Cell


Andrews, Dr. Peter
What can be done with Stem Cells? • Stem Cell


Kilner, Dr. John
What should be done with Stem Cells? • Stem Cell


Hurlbut, Dr. William
Issues Regarding Stem Cell Technology • Stem Cell


Final Panel Discussion
Guest Speakers and Wheaton College Faculty • Stem Cell


Mitchell, Dr. C. Ben
Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Risks to Women


Prentice, Dr. David
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine • Stem Cell


Cameron, Dr. Nigel
The Federal Stem Cell Policy Debate • Stem Cell


Fletcher, Dr. David
Stem Cell Research within Moral Limits


Cook, Dr. E. David
Stem Cells-Fact, Fiction and Values • Stem Cell


Pun, Dr. Pattle
Overview of Advantages & Ethics of Biotechnology • Stem Cell


Kennett, Dr. Roger
Overview of Cell and Developmental Biology • Stem Cell


DeBorst, Ruth Padilla
The Song of Justice • Christian Moral Formation Lectureship


DeBorst, Ruth Padilla
Grace of Community • Christian Moral Formation Lectureship


DeBorst, Ruth Padilla
The Heart of Darkness • Christian Moral Formation Lectureship


Cavanaugh, Dr. William
On: Pope John Paul II • Sermon on the Mount


Greenman, Dr. Jeffrey
On: John Stott • Sermon on the Mount


Hauerwas, Dr. Stanley
On: Bonhoeffer & John H. Yoder • Sermon on the Mount


Noll, Dr. Mark A.
On: John Wesley • Sermon on the Mount


Jeffrey, Dr. David Lyle
On: Dante • Sermon on the Mount


Mitchell, Dr. Margaret
On: John Chrysostom • Sermon on the Mount


Coolman, Dr. Boyd Taylor
On: Hugh of St. Victor • Sermon on the Mount


Land & Skillen
The Role of the United States in the World Community


Resources for 2004-05


Cook, Dr. E. David
Neuroethics in Perspective • The Future of Humanity 

 03/17/2005 Mitchell, Dr. C. Ben
Remaking Humans: The New Utopians vs a Truly Human Future
 03/16/2005 Meilaender, Dr. Gilbert
Bioethics & the Character of Human Life • Future of Humanity
 02/17/2005 Ryken, Dr. Leland
Business, Missions, and Work as a Christian Vocation • Business
 02/17/2005 Cook, Dr. E. David
Business and Stewardship • Business
 02/17/2005 Padilla, René
Seeking the Kingdom of God in Business • Business
 02/17/2005 Naughton, Michael
Just Wages • Business
 09/16/2004 Building a Better Human: Is it morally acceptable to enhance the chemcial and genetic nature of persons?
Audio Part 1 • Audio Part 2Audio Part 3


Resources for 2003-04

"Moral Judgment and Decision Making in a Corporate Society" 

Resources for 2002-03

02/20/2003, "Liberty, Security, and Dissent"
Sider, Schneider
Christians and Wealth

Resources for 2001-02

"Cultivating Conscience: Exploring Moral Development"

Resources for 2000-01

The Ethical Challenges of Globalization


Resources prior to 2000

03/17/1993  McGrath, Dr. Alister
Understanding Moral Pluralism
 03/18/1993  McGrath, Dr. Alister
A Christian Response to Moral Pluralism


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