Early Childhood Art (3-7 years)

CSA early childhood art classes offers exploration for young artists in color, texture and space through fun classes in ceramics, painting and pastels.


Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

10-week semester

Artful Play (3–4 yrs)

Making art is about sensory exploration. In Artful Play, basic skills in composition and uses of color, texture and space are covered through imaginative projects using various mediums, including ceramics. Students identify shapes and colors, using fine and large motor skills to paint, cut and sculpt. Parent/caregivers welcome.

$155/10 weeks
WED 10:35–11:20am | Pierce 104 | Nagle

Color My World (4, 5, k)

Growing children in Color My World move beyond exploring with their senses and begin to represent real objects, events and feelings in their artwork. Imagination and creativity expand as students explore artistic mediums such as ceramics, painting, pastels and sculpture. Projects encourage students to make choices and solve problems, while having fun. Parent/caregivers welcome.   

$170/10 weeks
WED 9:30–10:30 am | Pierce 104 | Nagle
SAT 10 am–11 am | Visual Art Studio | Tabbut


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