Community School of the Arts at Wheaton College harp lessons Kate Cockle



Inspiring Creativity … Instilling Character

"Having 3 children participate in the CSA programs has provided my family with a central, positive, and motivating experience. As a music educator with 30 years' experience in the classroom, I have seen high quality instruction from the CSA staff members. There is a clear expectation for excellence for both staff and students".  CSA Parent

CSA strives for excellence in arts programming.  We provide individualized instruction to meet each student's needs, and we build nurturing relationships among students, parents and teachers.  CSA cultivates appreciation for the arts through the performances and special events that we program.  We encourage students to become better individuals and better citizens by giving them opportunities to share their talents - whether by performing at a local retirement center or hospital, or raising funds to build a school in Africa or provide music lessons to children in South America.



Sometimes it's easier to talk - please call CSA at 630-752-5567

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