Summer Arts Encounter



Check back in March 2015 for Summer 2015 camp information.

“Adventure into the Arts” Day Camp
Grades 2 – 8

  • June 23–27, 2014

NOTE: All students are expected to participate in a performance on FRI evening, June 27 at 6:30 pm.

Summer Arts Encounter brochure page. (PDF)

Show Choir

Spotlighters* Gr 2–5
*2-hour class 
12:30–2:30 pm
Sara Smith
Clapham School Music Faculty
Do you enjoy singing show tunes and having fun as a chorus member? Students will learn, stage, and perform songs from classic musicals in this exciting group setting.

Encore* Gr 6–8
*2-hour class
10–12 pm
Sara Smith
Clapham School Music Faculty
Students will learn how to bring songs from classic musicals to life with staging, performance tips and choral practice. Perfect for the student who enjoys performing as part of a fun vocal group.  


Intro to Theater Gr 2–5
11–12 pm
Nora Holler
Theatrical Director, St John’s Lombard
Through creative play, students will learn theater terms, enhance spontaneity and build self-confidence while participating in improv games and workouts. Students explore characterization and learn basic staging skills.

Acting* Gr 6–8
*2-hour class
12:30–2:30 pm
Nora Holler
Theatrical Director, St John’s Lombard
Students will develop creativity, spontaneity, and confidence through improvisational games and workouts. Students  learn basic skills of character development and vocal delivery through scene study.


Stage Art Gr 2–5
9–10 am
Jennifer Nagle
CSA Visual Arts Faculty
Catch the audience’s eye by building and painting the staging for the Show Choir and Theater group’s final performance. Learn the behind-the–scenes construction techniques of stage design.

Blowin’ in the Wind Gr 6–8
10–11 am
Jennifer Nagle
CSA Visual Arts Faculty
Kinetic art—art with movement! Get dizzy creating with color and movement. As a group we will create moving sculptures for an outdoor installation on campus.

The Art of Letters Gr 2–8
11–12 pm
Lauren Davies
Local Artist
Students will create interesting letterforms from 3-4 calligraphic styles using inks and a pen with a chisel edge. Students will apply those letterforms to an original work of art.

Crocheting Gr 2–8
12:30–1:30 pm
Lauren Davies
Local Artist
Learn basic crochet stitches of chain, slip stitch, single, half-double and double crochet, and use them to make a handmade project of your own!


Chimes* Gr 2–8
10–11 am
CSA Faculty/Staff
Learn basic handbell and chime ringing techniques while developing music reading and independent music skills.
*Prerequisite: two years of study on any instrument.  

Drumming* Gr 2–8
9–10 am
Scott Ostrander
Composer, Musician & Teacher
Who can resist playing a drum!?! Rhythm rocks for everyone. Join the fun, play and improvise on a variety of drums and percussion instruments. 
*Prerequisite: one year of music reading experience on any instrument. 

Fees & Info

Program fees

  • 1 class: $75
  • 2 classes: $130
  • Each additional class: $50

*Spotlighters, Encore & Acting count as 2 classes

Location and Facilities
Classes held on the Wheaton College campus in Pierce and McAlister buildings. Pierce Commons will be available for students “brown bagging” lunch.

Day camp schedule
  • 9–10 am: Drumming (gr 2–8)
  • 9–10 am: Stage Art (gr 2–5)
  • 10–11 am: Blowin’ in the Wind (gr 6–8)
  • 10–11 am: Chimes (gr 2–8)
  • 10 am–12 pm: Encore* (gr 6–8)
  • 11 am–12 pm: Intro to Theater (gr 2–5)
  • 11 am–12 pm: Art of Letters (gr 2–8)
  • 12–12:30 pm: LUNCH BREAK
  • 12:30–1:30 pm: Crocheting (gr 2–8)
  • 12:30–2:30 pm: Acting* (gr 6–8)
  • 12:30–2:30 pm: Spotlighters* (gr 2–5)
  • FRI 6/27 Performance 6:30 pm

Registration deadlines
May 31, 2014
Early Bird before April 30, save $15
After May 31, add $10
No refunds after May 31, 2014

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