Arena Theater has been producing quality theater at Wheaton College since 1972. The program is small and ensemble-driven, with students from many different majors participating. Both Arena Theater and the student-run club, Jukebox Theater, perform on campus for the community to enjoy.


Arena Theater

Arena Theater produces a three-play, twenty four performance season each year in their 140-seat black box space in Jenks Hall. Offerings are chosen with a goal of giving students and audiences a wide range of experiences in style.

The Theater regularly includes classics (Shakespeare, Moliere, Ibsen, Chekhov) and musicals, as well as the very best current plays from around the world. To supplement their own highly-qualified design team, each year they employ exciting set, lighting, and costume designers from Chicago’s professional theater.

For information on upcoming performances, to purchase tickets, or for more information on Arena Theater please visit the Arena Theater website >>

Student-Run Productions

Jukebox Theater

Since its inception in 2006, Jukebox Theater, a student club, has performed a number of student run performances each year. From the lighting, directing, acting, costumes, and sound, Jukebox Theater productions are based entirely on the vision of the students. Their missions is to worship the sovereign and creative God by allowing his truth to be revealed through theater. For more information visit the Jukebox Theater club


wheatonIMPROV is a nationally ranked student-run improvisational comedy club at Wheaton College. The purpose of wheatonIMPROV is to pursue truth through the medium of improvisational acting, to advance proper improv technique and knowledge, and to foster trust, support, and community. As professing Christians, we believe that improv is an art form that can be used to both glorify God and bring entertainment to our community.

Troupes perform on campus throughout the semester, and wheatonIMPROV also offers free training workshops to students. For more information visit wheatonIMPROV website >>

For more information on upcoming performances, please visit the Events Calendar.

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