Giving to Wheaton College

Wheaton was a life-changing experience. It changed everything about us.

Giving to Wheaton College

What does the Wheaton Fund do? It helps make this competitive pricing possible without sacrificing one iota of the excellence that characterizes Wheaton...

Giving to Wheaton College

Because of Wheaton I am a stronger Christian and stronger individual... I know Wheaton is doing that in the lives of countless students and I give to support that mission.

Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates across the country share why they give.

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Ron and Susie Cockle

Ron and Susie Cockle

Parents of Wheaton Alumni

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Ryan June

Ryan June '08

We10 Associate

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Foundation & Corporate Relations



One of the goals of the Office of Institutional Partnerships at Wheaton College is to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between the College and foundations and corporations who share a funding interest in Wheaton’s priority projects and programs.

  • We secure grant support for Board of Trustee-approved funding priorities.
  • We help foundations achieve their charitable objectives through partnering in these funding priorities.

Who works with us?

Last fiscal year, we had the privilege of working with several different types of organizations.

  • Private or independent foundations
  • Family foundations
  • Community foundations
  • Corporate foundations
  • Corporate matching gift programs

We are grateful.

Gifts from these organizations (including foundation and corporate grants, corporate matching gifts, and gifts in kind) totaled a remarkable $3,692,291 during Fiscal Year 2012-2013. These generous grantors help Wheaton College maintain its strong commitment to ensuring excellence in Christian liberal arts education. On behalf of every student who benefits from this grant support, thank you!

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