Giving to Wheaton College

Thank you to those that support the Wheaton Fund! Without their generous giving, I would not be able to be here.

Giving to Wheaton College

As donors, we have opportunities to contribute to…other wonderful organizations, but I don’t think any one institution honors God and professes to further Christ’s kingdom as Wheaton College.

Giving to Wheaton College

It really does change lives, and lets people come to Wheaton College who otherwise wouldn’t get to be here.

Natia Weathers

Natia Weathers '19

Natia Weathers '19 and the Wheaton Fund

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Stephen '86 and May Lin

Stephen '86 and May Lin

Endowed Scholarships

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Wheaton College

Through Generations

A Wheaton education's lasting effect

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Faculty Student Mentoring Initiative

Through the Faculty Student Mentoring Initiative, Wheaton students and faculty members engage in mentoring relationships that begin with academics but extend far beyond.


One of Wheaton’s unique offerings to students is the opportunity to learn from professors who are as concerned with their development into whole and effective Christians as with their intellectual growth. Many students throughout the years have benefited from close mentoring relationships with faculty members—relationships that have challenged them spiritually and intellectually.

Now, Wheaton wants every student and professor to experience the benefits of this type of relationship. The Faculty Student Mentoring Initiative is an attempt to encourage what often in the past has occurred serendipitously to become a regular and accessible part of each student's educational experience and each faculty member’s life as a teacher.

Already, a few academic departments have developed robust mentoring programs for their majors, and the Biology department hopes to join them. The department is currently raising funds for some additional faculty positions that would give students the opportunity to conduct collaborative research with faculty members throughout their time at Wheaton. Not only will this provide excellent experience for the students and much-needed research help for the professors, but it will also foster opportunities for students to develop personal relationships with their professors, opening the door to spiritual and personal mentoring opportunities.

The Biology department mentoring program will help both faculty and students work towards their academic goals. Already, students and professors have co-authored several articles in peer-reviewed journals. But Jenny Busch, Associate Professor of Biology, explains that a key consideration for faculty when developing the program was whether it would enable them to be better role models for their students. That’s what they care about most.

Your Opportunity

In order to provide current Biology faculty the necessary time to mentor students, $800,000 is needed for adjunct faculty positions. Please consider contributing so that Wheaton can continue to be a place where student growth is not just an academic endeavor, but also a cultivation of each student’s God-given potential.

Make a gift, or for more information please contact your rep.

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