Giving to Wheaton College

Interacting with students; it gets you excited that they would have new resources to take advantage of, and that we can be a part of improving the environment there that they can learn in...

Giving to Wheaton College

A Wheaton education simply would have been out of reach for my family if it weren’t for the Wheaton Fund...

Giving to Wheaton College

It really does change lives, and lets people come to Wheaton College who otherwise wouldn’t get to be here.

Paul '96 and Amy Klobucher '96

Paul and Amy Klobucher '96

Wheaton Associates

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Students talk about the Wheaton Fund

The Wheaton Fund

Students on campus are asked about the Wheaton Fund.

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Wheaton College

Through Generations

A Wheaton education's lasting effect

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Paul and Amy Klobucher

Paul ’96 and Amy Klobucher ’96, reflect on the significance of a Wheaton College education and recognize the importance of providing the same opportunity for future generations through their contribution to the Wheaton Fund.



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