Giving to Wheaton College

When you support the Wheaton Fund, you help make it possible for professors like Darcie to provide students with access to spiritually grounded teaching and mentoring...

Giving to Wheaton College

When our men see God at work in another land and rub shoulders with football alumni who have answered the call—these are among our finest moments.

Giving to Wheaton College

One outcome Chris aims for is to help students understand their own place in the greater Kingdom narrative.

Giving to Wheaton College

I've been blessed to witness the power of God internationally, in different populations, and in my own life.

Giving to Wheaton College

It is almost impossible for international kids to afford Wheaton. We never would have been able to send our son but for the grace and generosity of others who gave.

Giving to Wheaton College

Wheaton College and the generous donors who fund programs like this make it possible for students like me to go places and do things we do not think is possible.

Darcie Delzell

The Art of Holding Life “Loosely”

Darcie Delzell '98

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Mark Hiben ’15 and Andrew Haines ’15 in Loskop, South Africa.

More Than an Away Game

Football Ministry Partnership

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Professor Chris Vlachos teaches New Testament Literature and Interpretation on Blanchard Lawn.

A professor's approach

Chris Vlachos explains what motivates his teaching.

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Phoebe Wilson's internship at Hospitals of Hope in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Unexpected Lessons

Phoebe Wilson's '14 time at Wheaton expanded her cultural worldview.

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Josiah Bubna

Celebrating the Life of Josiah Pierce Bubna ’11

July 29, 1989 – July 7, 2012

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Pepper Gross

Honored to Give Back

Pepper Gross '15 thanks Wheaton donors for global opportunities.

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President's Memorandum

The President’s Memorandum is a quarterly update from President Ryken to Wheaton Associates. It provides Wheaton updates and ways to support the College by giving, praying, promoting, and encouraging. These are some additional stories from each issue.


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