Giving to Wheaton College

We have been very impressed by and pleased with the consistent evangelical influence of Wheaton and its students. We are thankful to play a small part in the programs of Wheaton College.”

Giving to Wheaton College

Because of Wheaton I am a stronger Christian and stronger individual... I know Wheaton is doing that in the lives of countless students and I give to support that mission.

Giving to Wheaton College

What does the Wheaton Fund do? It helps make this competitive pricing possible without sacrificing one iota of the excellence that characterizes Wheaton...

Ed and Betsy Pearce

Ed and Betsy Pearce

Blanchard Society

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Ryan June

Ryan June '08

We10 Associate

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Ron and Susie Cockle

Ron and Susie Cockle

Parents of Wheaton Alumni

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Reunion Giving

Reunion giving provides an opportunity for a class to support the mission of Wheaton, impact student's lives, and build class unity.


Alumni Weekend


Each year, reunion classes invest in Wheaton and impact students’ lives by initiating class gift projects. These projects advance the mission of Wheaton by supporting the Wheaton Fund, endowed scholarships, and strategic priorities of the College.






 1954  60th Wheaton Fund & Louis Rasera Class of 1954 Scholarship

Betty Logsdon Bowman Roth, co-chair
Rex Roth, co-chair
Ray Smith, co-chair

 1959  55th Wheaton Fund & the Class of 1959 Gerald F. and Jane E. Hawthorne Endowed Scholarship Fund in Greek Studies
Dick Gieser
 1964  50th Wheaton Fund & the Class of 1964 Study Abroad Scholarship for Global Engagement

Ed & Betsy Ross Pearce, co-chairs
Dean Arnold, gift chair

 1969  45th Wheaton Fund

 1974  40th Wheaton Fund

Gretchen Wagle McCaskey, co-chair
Daniel Michel, co-chair

 1979  35th Wheaton Fund Judy Gration Kohl, chair
 1984  30th Wheaton Fund & Classes of 2014 and 1984 Teleo Scholarship  
 2014 Senior Class Gift Wheaton Fund & Classes of 2014 and 1984 Teleo Scholarship  

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