Giving to Wheaton College

I’m so thankful that we have the opportunity to give back to this generation of Wheaton students… it is a privilege to be a part of.

Giving to Wheaton College

What does the Wheaton Fund do? It helps make this competitive pricing possible without sacrificing one iota of the excellence that characterizes Wheaton...

Giving to Wheaton College

Because of Wheaton I am a stronger Christian and stronger individual... I know Wheaton is doing that in the lives of countless students and I give to support that mission.

Endowed Scholarships

Christian and Jewel Magoon '97

Endowed Scholarship

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Ron and Susie Cockle

Ron and Susie Cockle

Parents of Wheaton Alumni

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Ryan June

Ryan June '08

We10 Associate

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25th Reunion Gift

The 25th reunion gift gives classes an opportunity to express gratitude for their Wheaton experience and to invest in future generations.


Class of 1988

In honor of their 25th reunion in October 2013, the Class of 1988 plans to encourage and support Wheaton students by giving to the Wheaton Fund and by contributing to the already-established Class of 1988 Scholarship Fund.

The Wheaton Fund is the primary funding vehicle through which the highest priorities of the College are advanced. The Wheaton Fund not only helps to hold down the overall cost of a Wheaton education, but, with a new 2013-14 goal set at $8 million, it will also bring new programs and strategic priorities to life.

The Class of 1988 Scholarship Fund offers financial assistance to students from an international or minority background, with preference given to first-generation college students or those who have overcome significant obstacles to attend Wheaton. Recipients of the scholarship are mentored by President Ryken.

Reunion Committee


 Becky Gray Jordan, Chair  Chris Harrison Anthony
 Andy Brigham  Debbie Musil Brigham
 Jolie Beulle  Susie Gieser Cassel
 John Chung, Gift Chair  Leslie Harvey Elken
 Hal Merck  Dee Ong Netzel
 Ron Netzel  Barb Miller Nussbaum
 Tom Nussbaum  Becky Branda Obendorf
 Tim Obendorf  Lisa Maxwell Ryken
 Jon Scott  Pam Yoder Scott
 Mary Zimmer Thompson  Paul Thompson



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