Giving to Wheaton College

Wheaton was a life-changing experience. It changed everything about us.

Giving to Wheaton College

Interacting with students; it gets you excited that they would have new resources to take advantage of, and that we can be a part of improving the environment there that they can learn in...

Wheaton College transfer student on the Wheaton Fund

Wheaton’s commitment to academic excellence in a community of spiritual vitality is matched by an equally strong commitment to affordability for all of our students.

Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates across the country share why they give.

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Paul '96 and Amy Klobucher '96

Paul and Amy Klobucher '96

Wheaton Associates

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Giving to Wheaton College

Sam Nathan ’17

A Conversation with Sam Nathan ’17

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50th Reunion Gift

The 50th reunion gift gives classes an opportunity to leave a legacy of generosity, hope, and faithfulness for current and future Wheaton students.


Class of 1963

The class of ’63 is honoring their 50th reunion by supporting the Wheaton Fund and Edward Hakes Scholarship. With a goal of $500,000, all classmates are encouraged to get involved and make a special gift to the College.


Reunion Gift Committee

David Amsler, Chair
Dick and Mary Balbach Ohman
Roger and Sherley Britton Hannay
Chuck Stair
Ron Michaelson
Neal Whitecotton
John Woodbridge
Bill and Beverly Hogber Morrison


Ongoing Gifts






 1963 Wheaton Fund, Edward Hakes Scholarship $500,000 $235,721 and 32% David Amsler
 1962 Wheaton Fund, International Scholarships, BGC 5, Science Building $300k by 2013 with 100% participation $197,033 and 49% Charlie Morgan
 1961 Promise of Wheaton $1.5m by 2013 COMPLETED! $3.2m Jerry Allen
 1960 Wheaton Fund $2m with 70% participation by 2013
$3,094,344 with 63% participation
Bill Bond
 1959 Wheaton Fund and Hawthorne Scholarship $1.5m with 70% participation by 2013 $878,863 with 62% participation Dick Gieser

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