Giving to Wheaton College

Wheaton was a life-changing experience. It changed everything about us.

Giving to Wheaton College

Sixty-five percent of undergraduates (1,637 students) received scholarship or grant aid from Wheaton in 2011-12.

Giving to Wheaton College

Why Wheaton? It changed for me from an alma mater to a sending mission where we’re placing fully developed early kernels of Christian seeds that will reap great harvests...

Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates across the country share why they give.

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How Scholarships Work

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George Stoms

George Stoms '87

Endowed Scholarship

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Class of 1959

The 55th reunion gift gives the class of 1959 an opportunity to leave a legacy of generosity, hope, and faithfulness for current and future Wheaton students.


55th Reunion Gift

The Class of 1959 is honoring their 55th reunion by giving to the Wheaton Fund and the Class of 1959 Gerald F. and Jane E. Hawthorne Endowed Scholarship Fund in Greek Studies. All classmates are encouraged to get involved and make a special gift to the College.

At a Glance

  • Goal: $400,000
  • End Date: June 30th, 2015
  • All giving counts toward your class total!

Gift Progress (as of November, 2014)

  $194,291 (49%)


Why the Class of 1959 Gerald F. and Jane E. Hawthorne Endowed Scholarship Fund in Greek Studies?

This scholarship was created in honor of Jerry and Jane Hawthorne for the love and care they showed the Class of 1954 as class sponsors and also because, as a faculty member, Jerry devoted his professional career to teaching students not just to be proficient in Greek but also to honor the Lord in all aspects of their lives. Each year one or two truly outstanding students in Greek studies are selected to receive this merit award.

Why the Wheaton Fund?

The Wheaton Fund is the engine of Wheaton’s mission. As the primary funding vehicle through which Wheaton College advances its highest priorities, the Wheaton Fund is sustained by the unrestricted gifts of alumni, parents, and friends. Gifts to the Wheaton Fund help keep Wheaton affordable for every student and they also support the College’s Strategic Priorities.


55th Reunion Class Committee

Dick Gieser, Chair
Ruth Flesvig Gibson
Dottie Weyenberg Mann

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