Giving to Wheaton College

Wheaton College and the generous donors who fund programs like this make it possible for students like me to go places and do things we do not think is possible.

Giving to Wheaton College

What does the Wheaton Fund do? It helps make this competitive pricing possible without sacrificing one iota of the excellence that characterizes Wheaton...

Giving to Wheaton College

Wheaton was a life-changing experience. It changed everything about us.

Pepper Gross

Honored to Give Back

Pepper Gross '15 thanks Wheaton donors for global opportunities.

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Ron and Susie Cockle

Ron and Susie Cockle

Parents of Wheaton Alumni

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Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates across the country share why they give.

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Class of 1964

The 50th reunion gift gives the class of 1964 an opportunity to leave a legacy of generosity, hope, and faithfulness for current and future Wheaton students.


50th Reunion Gift

The class of 1964 is honoring its 50th reunion by giving to the Wheaton Fund and the Class of 1964 Study Abroad Scholarship for Global Engagement. All classmates are encouraged to get involved and make a special gift to the College.

At a Glance

(End Date: June 30, 2015)
  • Total Giving Goal: $500,000
  • Class of 1964 Scholarship Giving Goal: $100,000
  • Wheaton Fund Giving Goal: $200,000
  • Total Giving: $1,262,009
  • Class of 1964 Scholarship Fair Market Value: $16,657
  • Wheaton Fund Giving: $443,199

Why the Class of 1964 Study Abroad Scholarship for Global Engagement?

This new scholarship has been established to honor the Class of 1964’s 50th reunion and will be directed toward undergraduate students with financial need who are participating in a Wheaton College study abroad program in a foreign country. The Class of 1964 Study Abroad Scholarship for Global Engagement is the first of its kind, since most previous study abroad opportunities have been sponsored by other schools. As part of Wheaton’s Strategic Priorities, the College is hoping to establish more study abroad programs using its own resources so that it can better prepare and follow-up with students who study abroad.

Class of 1964 Scholarship Gift Progress 

(as of November, 2014)
  $16,657 (17%) 


Why the Wheaton Fund?

The Wheaton Fund is the engine of Wheaton’s mission. As the primary funding vehicle through which Wheaton College advances its highest priorities, the Wheaton Fund is sustained by the unrestricted gifts of alumni, parents, and friends. Gifts to the Wheaton Fund help keep Wheaton affordable for every student and they also support the College’s Strategic Priorities.

Wheaton Fund Gift Progress 

(as of November, 2014)
  $443,199 (100%) 


50th Reunion Class Committee

Ed & Betsy Ross Pearce, Co-chairs
Dean Arnold, gift chair
Paul Cahill
Ken & Nancy Heslinga Greener 
Karen Johnson Hall
Pat Edwards Johnson
Nita Van Kampen Newing
Pat Gramley Stair
Lynne Blomquist Tenney
Sharon Rexilius Thomas
Judi Hamer Whitecotton

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