Giving to Wheaton College

I do believe that if one is blessed, we are to be a blessing to others.

Giving to Wheaton College

Sixty-five percent of undergraduates (1,637 students) received scholarship or grant aid from Wheaton in 2011-12.

Giving to Wheaton College

Why Wheaton? It changed for me from an alma mater to a sending mission where we’re placing fully developed early kernels of Christian seeds that will reap great harvests...

Von Lehe

Elden and Judith von Lehe

Endowed Scholarship

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How Scholarships Work

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George Stoms

George Stoms '87

Endowed Scholarship

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Class of 1984

The 30th reunion gift gives the class of 1984 an opportunity to leave a legacy of generosity, hope, and faithfulness for current and future Wheaton students.


30th Reunion Gift

The class of 1984 is honoring its 30th reunion by giving to the Wheaton Fund, and partnering with the graduating senior class to support the new Classes of 2014 and 1984 Teleo Scholarship. All classmates are encouraged to get involved and make a special gift to the College.

At a Glance

(End Date: June 30, 2015)

  • Total Giving Goal: $800,000
  • Teleo Scholarship Giving Goal: $200,000
  • Wheaton Fund Giving Goal: $150,000
  • Total Giving: $232,113
  • Teleo Scholarship Fair Market Value: $10,712
  • Wheaton Fund Giving: $52,117

Why the Classes of 2014 and 1984 Teleo Scholarship?

Many current students have either experienced first-hand or know someone who has faced the reality of financial loss that would make it impossible to finish their time at Wheaton. For an upperclassman, this is particularly tragic because of the relationships they have formed and strengthened that are then cut short. This scholarship is designed to offer financial assistance to seniors who would otherwise have to leave Wheaton College. In the original Greek of the New Testament, Teleo means to finish, complete, fulfill—something that these classes hope to help students accomplish in their Wheaton education.

Class of 1984 Scholarship Gift Progress

(as of November, 2014)
  $10,712 (5%)


To help promote this new scholarship, the Class of 2014 put together a video explaining the gift at their Senior Class Banquet.


Why the Wheaton Fund?

The Wheaton Fund is the engine of Wheaton’s mission. As the primary funding vehicle through which Wheaton College advances its highest priorities, the Wheaton Fund is sustained by the unrestricted gifts of alumni, parents, and friends. Gifts to the Wheaton Fund help keep Wheaton affordable for every student and they also support the College’s Strategic Priorities.

Wheaton Fund Gift Progress

(as of November, 2014)
  $52,117 (35%)


30th Reunion Class Committee

Judith Searer Bevill
Kevin Engel
Deborah Diller Harris
Andrew & Jane Nelson Hensel
Ken Larson

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