M.A. in Missional Church Movements

The modular Masters in Missional Church Movements is for planters and multipliers of churches, groups, and ministries.


As contemporary forms of the church are changing, we need a new type of leader who wants to plant and grow reproducing churches, transition existing churches, and extend the influence of the gospel into every sector and location of society.  We need missional churches and missional movements to reach the West and to reach the world.  We need missional Christians to serve their neighbor and to serve the poor.

The Masters in Missional Church Movements will expose you to the best missional and church reproducing thinkers and practitioners in the world today. And it will equip you to lead in the Church and in your community and workplace to bring the gospel to bear and see people transformed and neighborhoods and institutions influenced.

In creating the new Masters, Rick Richardson has worked with Alan Hirsch of Church Resource Ministries, author of The Forgotten Ways.  Both are lecturing and providing energy and vision for the degree.  

Rick Richardson Alan Hirsch

Dr. Rick Richardson is the author of a number of books including Reimagining Evangelism, and has had years of experience in evangelistic and missional ministry.

Alan Hirsch is the author of numerous books including The Forgotten Ways, and is deeply involved in missional movements.


The M.A. in Missional Church Movements is a 40 credit hour degree. The program can be completed in 5 summers by taking two weeks of courses (8 credits) each summer. It can also be completed in as little as 4 summers, taking two weeks of courses (8 credits) each summer and then a combination of the following: internship, independent study, online, distance learning courses or intensive/modular classes during another time of the year.

Students will work with an adviser to plan out their 40 credit hour program. 


What else is unique about the Masters in Missional Church Movements?

Missional Focus: You will be equipped to plant or transition churches to be missional and influential for the sake of the gospel.

  • Local and Global Vision: You will learn skills to contextualize ministry to your local context, while being enriched by learning from global and urban church planting movements.
  • Leadership Edge: You will be taught and mentored by outstanding leaders on issues like organizational change, strengthening the soul of your leadership, apostolic leadership practices, and much more. 
  • World Class Faculty: You will learn from worldclass leaders who are driving scholarship in thought and praxis.
  • Modular program structure: You can keep your ministry or job while you get your Masters. 

By the term missional, we are communicating three main ideas:

  • The attraction of the unchurched into reproducing churches and the planting of new churches,
  • The incarnational engagement of Christians as missionaries in their communities and neighborhoods, and
  • The sending out of small communities and groups to exert Christian influence in every sector and location in a society.

Such reproducing churches and movements have been especially prominent in the majority world but are now being actively sought and prayed for by increasing numbers of younger leaders in the West. It is this growing number of younger leaders from the west and from around the globe whom we are seeking to recruit and help shape through the new Masters.

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