M.A. in Intercultural Studies

Our mission is to develop effective cross cultural professionals who are competent communicators of Christ, sensitive to other cultures, and effective servants.


Intercultural Studies at Wheaton

A master’s degree in Intercultural Studies prepares you for professional ministry in diverse cultural settings, with courses such as:

  • Spiritual and Professional Formation
  • Historical and Theological Foundations
  • Contextualization in Global Settings
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Religious Life in Global Settings
  • Cross-Cultural Research
  • Transformational Development

For a complete list of courses and course descriptions see Course Descriptions.

What We Contribute

Flexible Hybrid Program 

The new M.A. in Intercultural Studies program is designed to help you complete the degree in as little as one year, full-time. Part-time students can study at their own pace, completing the degree in up to 5 years. The degree is a 36-credit hour, 3-semester program (fall, spring, summer) that is offered in a hybrid format


Our faculty bring over 100 years of ministry experience with expertise in the areas of human relief and transformational development, theology and history of mission, and contextualization. They are active voices globally, serving in leadership positions and organizations both in and outside of Wheaton Graduate School, and prolific in academic publications.

Save up to $10,740 in Total Tuition 

Our hybrid model enables us to reduce the total tuition from $29,760 to $22,020, saving you $7,740! And, if you are awarded the maximum $3,000 Graduate Student Scholarship, your total tuition comes down to $19,020. Learn more about the Billy Graham Center Scholarship Program.

Global Community and Leadership

The Intercultural Studies department is an international community, enriching the program with diversity of life and career experiences. Study in a learning cohort that fosters community with classmates from a variety of backgrounds and professions.

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