Applying for Graduate Aid


Step 1: Apply for admission.

If you are offered admission AND selected to receive a scholarship, your admission letter will contain the amount of your scholarship. You will be able to verify the amount of the scholarship on the myWheaton portal after you set up your e-mail address.

Step 2: Apply for any scholarships that require a separate application and to which you might qualify. 

See a list of institutional scholarships.

Step 3: If you are interested in obtaining federal loans such as the Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loan or the GradPLUS Loan, complete the FAFSA.

On the FAFSA >> be sure to indicate Wheaton College code 001781. See Loans for details on federal loans as well as for information on private loans.

Step 3a: Submit any additional documents that are required for the FAFSA.

The student will be notified if verification documents are requested. Any documents submitted must include the student's full name and student ID number. Students must provide verification documentation prior to the last day of the student’s enrollment for Campus-based and institutional need-based aid.  Awards cannot be processed until all requested verification items have been received. If financial aid disburses after semester payment is due, students are subject to late fees and interest charges.

Step 4: If applying for federal loans, monitor the status of your financial aid by logging into the myWheaton portal.

As an accepted student, once you create your myWheaton account, you will be able to access your financial aid information and respond to your loan offer.

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