HDI operates out of the Wheaton College Psychology Department, Science Center, and Wheaton in Chicago locations. Collectively, these locations enhance HDI’s interdisciplinary focus, capabilities, resources, and reach.


Wheaton: Psychology Department

Graduate School, Wheaton College

Billy Graham CenterHDI’s primary location is within the Psychology Department on the Wheaton College campus. As part of the Psychology Department, HDI serves as a catalyst or “vehicle” for bridging, supporting, and bringing together faculty, students, and the department on shared projects and opportunities to serve the underserved. HDI also equips students to apply their psychological training to support the global church and by expanding faith-praxis integration experiences and competencies, within the confines of traditional therapeutic settings, as well as beyond such settings, with an emphasis on community and international applications.

Wheaton: Applied Research Lab

Science Center, Wheaton College

HDI also has office space and lab space for the Applied Research Lab (ARL) in the Science Center at Wheaton College. The ARL engages students in actual research projects and service contracts related to humanitarian services and disasters. Through this lab students learn the methods of applied research, including how to design, execute and evaluate projects. The projects are generally conducted with external partner organizations, as well as faculty from other Wheaton College departments, including urban studies, economics or applied health. Current project include analysis of data from Hurricane Katrina, assessing community disaster information needs, equipping faith-based community organizations for disaster response and improving community resilience. The lab has an interdisciplinary and international focus that looks at the intersection of disciplines, such as psychology, intercultural studies, economics, sociology, applied health, and more.

Chicago: Urban Preparedness and Public Health Lab

4746 N. Malden, Chicago, Wheaton College Chicago Campus

Wheaton in ChicagoHDI also directs the Urban Preparedness and Public Health Lab (UPHL), located at the Wheaton in Chicago facilities in Cook County. UPHL is an applied research lab operated in partnership with the Wheaton College Chicago Campus and Urban Studies. This interdisciplinary lab focuses on urban issues in disaster and humanitarian relief services, including the role of faith-based organizations in engaging vulnerable populations, disasters and the disadvantaged, and disparities in community preparation, disaster impact, and community development and resilience. Students have the opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in urban community-based services, urban health and mental health programs, and the role of the urban church.

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