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The links below provide access to the work of HDI that has been featured in several media outlets.


Wheaton Magazine. (2014, April). HDI Equips Churches to Respond to Typhoon.  Read the article on page 6 at Wheaton Magazine>>

Chicago Tribune. (2014, April 4). Disaster Ministry Workshop at Wheaton College June 10-12. Read the article at the Chicago Tribune>>

Christianity Today. (2014, February 18). Show Us the Relief Money. Read the article at Christianity Today>>

Church Law and Tax. (2013, November). How Not to Bring Relief After a Natural Disaster.  Read the interview in Church Law and Tax>>

Christianity Today. (2013, November 8). How Churches Can Help Without Hurting After Super Typhoon Haiyan.  Read the article at Christianity Today>>

Christianity Today. (2013, August 21). What's Your Church's Plan for an Active Shooter? Read the blog post at Christianity Today>>

WEA Global Task Force on Disaster Management Invites to Consultation in Manila in September.  Read the article at Crossmap>>

Foxwell-Barajas, A. (2013, August). Beauty from broken things: Japanese create postdisaster Christian community through fellowship, discipleship-and jewelry. Christianity Today. Read the article in Christianity Today>>

Vaught, J. (2013, June 1). How the church can help in times of disaster. Interview with Humanitarian Disaster Institute’s Dr. Jamie Aten. Life Changing Radio. Listen to the interview at Life Changing Radio>>

Green, L.(2013, May 24). How could God let the Oklahoma tornadoes happen? Interview with Dr. Jamie Aten, Wheaton College. Fox News. Watch the interview at foxnews.com>>

Anderson,K. (2013). The next disaster: Are you Ready? Wheaton's new Humanitarian Disaster Institute equips and empowers churches and communities to prepare for the worst and recover with resilience. Wheaton Magazine, Spring Edition, 14-19. Read the article at the Wheaton Magazine>>

Chicago Tribune. (2013, May 22). Humanitarian Disaster Institute to host disaster leadership workshop June 4-7. The Chicago Tribune. Read the article at the Chicago Tribune>>

Turner, N. (2013, April 17). Interview with founder and co-director of Wheaton’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute on how churches can help in the midst of the Boston Marathon tragedy on This Is The Day on Moody Radio. Listen to the interview at Moody Radio >>

Murashko, A. (2013, April 16). Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack: Christian Leaders Grieve, Offer Call to Prayer. The Christian Post. Read the article at The Christian Post >>

Lowe, B. (2013, January 29). A better kind of disaster relief. Relevant Magazine. Read the article at Relevant Magazine >>

Simmons, C. (January 18, 2013). Psychology professor and co-director of Wheaton’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute Dr. Jamie Aten joins Nebraska’s My Bridge Radio to discuss how to help children cope with traumatic events following the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.

Taylor, L. (2013, January 18). Wheaton College hosts symposium and exhibit on child slavery and trauma in Haiti. Wheaton Patch.  Read the article at Wheaton Patch >>

Brooks, C. (2012, November 6). Interview with founder and co-director of Wheaton’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute on how churches can help Superstorm Sandy survivors on Faithtalk radio’s Christ and the City. 

Media Center (2012, December). In response to Sandy. Wheaton College. Read article at wheaton.edu >>

Wheaton Magazine. (2012, Winter). Psychology professor recognized by American Psychological Association. Wheaton College. Read article on page 11 at the Wheaton Magazine >>

Taylor, L. (2012, October 30). Humanitarian Disaster Institute to co-sponsor training November 7. Daily Hearld. Read the article in the Daily Herald >> 

McDonald, K. (2012, November 16). ‘Interrupters’ depicts the scars of Chicago violence. The Wheaton Record. Read the article at the Wheaton Record >> 

Spewak, N. (2012, November 9). Effects of Hurricane Sandy felt 800 miles away. The Wheaton Record. Read the article at The Record >>

Steffan, M. (2012, November 2). After Superstorm Sandy, Advice for Churches from the first Christian disaster research center: An interview with Wheaton College’s new Humanitarian Disaster Institute. Christianity Today. Read the article at Christianity Today >>

Newhouse, C. (2012, January 3). Pentecostal renewal transforms Rwanda after genocide.
Christianity Today. Read the article at Christianity Today >>

Turner, N. (2012, January 11). Interview on Moody’s This is the Day program with Drs. Jamie Aten and David Boan about the new Humanitarian Disaster Institute they co-direct at Wheaton College. 

Murashko, A. (2011, December 14). First-ever U.S. Christian disaster research center to equip local churches. Christian Post. Read the article at The Christian Post >> 

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