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In Progress:

  • An Exploration of Haitian Adolescent Domestic Servitude Survivors’ Resiliency Process Following Traumatic Experiences
    Quiana Daniel
  • The Buffering Effect of Religious Support on Depression Symptoms in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
    Grayson Lewis
  • A Phenomenological Study of Posttraumatic Growth in Expatriate Humanitarian Aid Workers Fighting Ebola in West Africa
    Jessica Polson
  • Risk and Protective Factors in National Guard Chaplain Response to Disaster and Trauma
    Michael Rakow
  • Disaster Spiritual and Emotional Care: A Grounded Theory Study
    Alice Shruba


  • Helping Behavior, Resource Loss, and PTSD in Survivors of Hurricane Katrina

    Kevin Coleman (2013)
  • Clergy-Psychologist Collaboration in the Aftermath of Technical Disasters: Lessons Learned from the Upper Big Branch Mine Explosion

    Joy Beth Curtis (2013)
  • Loss, Coping, and Trauma in Hurricane Katrina Survivors of Southern Mississippi: An Investigation of the Relationships Between Resource Loss, Meaning Making, and Posttraumatic Stress
    William Haynes (2013)
  • Religious Coping: A Moderator Variable for the Association Between Resource Loss and Posttraumatic Growth Amongst Adolescent Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
    Sara Moon (2014)

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