Ministry Service Team

A Camp Ministry Apprenticeship


Join the Ministry Service Team in 2015!

Explore camp ministry
through a yearlong community and experientially based program. Gain valuable leadership experience in all areas of camp ministry at HoneyRock while our professional staff mentors you. If you are interested in outdoor, adventure or camp ministry but not yet ready to commit to a graduate program or career track then this program is for you.

HoneyRock has been the camp-based leadership development center of Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) for over 50 years. We train and develop over 250 undergraduate and graduate students annually. The Ministry Service Team apprenticeship positions are designed specifically for people who desire hands-on training and experience for leadership in camp or youth related ministries. These paid roles provide a great opportunity to refine skills, clarify calling, and be equipped for leadership personally and professionally. The experience will give you a broad understanding of outdoor ministry and open doors for roles in the outdoor education and Christian camping world. It will also give you exposure to graduate opportunities to study this field further.  The experience will expose you to different aspects of camp ministry, including student programs, marketing, site and facilities, food services and house keeping. You will lead programs under the supervision of HoneyRock’s professional staff and be developed personally along the way. Specifically designed training sessions and educational opportunities led by HoneyRock’s faculty and staff will focus on different aspects of camp ministry and on the heart and character of a leader. At the end of the year you will be well-equipped to minister in a variety of camp or adventure-based youth ministries.

Specific Goals

  • Provide participants with hands-on training and experience in a variety of camp ministry areas in preparation for ministry or graduate study.
  • Give biblical and spiritual guidance and training, helping participants grow closer to God and understand His calling and giftedness for their life.
  • Challenge participants physically, mentally and spiritually through different means, thus helping develop them into whole and effective Christians who are ready to serve.
  • Develop participants’ leadership skills throughout the responsibilities in camp or retreat programs.
  • Develop participants’ value for and capacity in Christian community and authentic relationships.
  • Help students see the role of Christian camping in the mission of the church and how Christian camping can help the Church achieve its mission.



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