Assistant Counselors (entering Grades 11-12)

The Assistant Counselor (AC) program is by invitation only.


The Assistant Counselor program exists to offer high school students a hands-on ministry experience developing young campers. Offered by invitation only, this program further develops young leaders who have excelled in 2:22 or Service Team. AC’s spend the summer at HoneyRock growing in their faith and leadership abilities as they work alongside college-age counselors in residential camp cabins. Participants will help teach cabin Bible studies and will assist on wilderness campouts and in activity areas. Applicants will be selected on the basis of maturity, experience at HoneyRock, past counselor recommendations and ministry involvement during the school year.

Wilderness trips: AC's will help lead wilderness trips with their cabin groups.
Instructional activity areas: AC's will provide instruction in the activity areas.
Service opportunities: AC's will engage in 24/7 service to their campers and peers.
Spiritual focus: AC's will teach Cabin Impact times with their cabin. They will have regular Bible studies with the AC group, and will meet 1:1 with their leader for personal discipleship.

Sleeping Bag Purchase Program

This summer all participants in our high school programs are required to provide their own wilderness style sleeping bag. We are no longer supplying sleeping bags for participants out of our trip locker. We are offering participants the option to purchase a new Marmot sleeping bag for $75; this is $20 less than retail stores. We have chosen this bag because it is the ideal sleeping bag for use in all our high school programs. This fully synthetic, 30-degree rated sleeping bag is warm, versatile, durable and packs easily for use on wilderness trips and campouts. If you are interested in purchasing a sleeping bag please check the box on the registration form. Participants will receive their sleeping bag when they arrive at HoneyRock. Each bag will also have a HoneyRock name tag attached to the zipper pull so it can be easily identified.

2015 Dates: June 14 - August 7

Cost: $1750


If you've received an invitation, contact the Registration Coordinator at 715.479.7474 x301 to start your registration process.

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