Service Team (entering Grades 11-12)


Service Team Overview

Service Team is a small group of high school students who spend the summer learning how to integrate their lives more fully into God's mission in the world. Through work projects, regular Bible study, leadership opportunities, intentional peer community, and deep mentoring relationships with our camp counselors, participants experience life as members of the Body of Christ. We offer a life changing summer so our students are filled with passion for knowing Jesus and joining the work of God’s Kingdom back home. Service Team is one of the foundational programs of HoneyRock and one of the premier camper leadership and discipleship opportunities. An application and interview process is required for all participants.

Program Details

Service Team is one seven-week session that coincides with all the other camper sessions of the summer. There are twelve spots available per gender and participants live in cabin groups of six campers and two counselors.

Service opportunities: The majority of participants’ time is spent serving camp and the wider community in various ways. There are weekly rotations between the kitchen, housekeeping, grounds, construction, the barn, the trip kitchen/locker, and an off-site community project. All work projects are guided by trained HoneyRock staff. Learning to serve the Lord and others through hard work is a great experience that opens doors for spiritual growth. Students leave the summer with a new understanding of the meaning of service, new skills, and increased confidence in their abilities.

Spiritual focus: Daily morning studies, purposeful service projects, dedicated prayer times, evening discussions, and worship are geared to help service teamers apply their learning to their mission field back home. The length of the program allows for a community of trust, friendship, and encouragement to develop and also allows the counselors to get to know their students really well. Students will receive study assignments before and after the summer.

Leadership opportunities: Because Service Team participants are ready to step into more responsibility and many have spent multiple summers at HoneyRock, the program includes opportunities for leadership. For example, teamers plan and lead worship services for 2:22 and Advance Camp participants. Teamers also take turns being on morning duty in residential camp cabins to get a taste of assistant counseling.

Wilderness trips: Cabin groups participate in local overnight hiking or canoeing trips to build community, learn skills, have fun, and enjoy creation.

Instructional activity areas: Participants have the opportunity to complete intermediate and master achievements in evening activity periods.

Special events: Service Team is definitely not all work and no play! In addition to wilderness trips, we like to plan times for taking breaks and having fun together, such as joining the Three Lakes’ Fourth of July parade, spending an evening on the giant swing, mini golf, and ski shows!

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Service Team Program registration occurs on a first come, first served basis, but Service Team also requires a special application and an interview for official acceptance. The application process is intended to help both the program leaders and the applicant determine if Service Team is the best fit. 

Once you have registered for the program and have paid your deposit, you will receive an application and reference form by email. If you have any questions, please contact the Service Team Coordinator.

For Parents

Service Team Family Day: Service Team will host our own family day on the last Friday of camp. Family Day is designed to give family and friends a glimpse of what their student experienced over the summer. Come and see camp, enjoy some activities, meet with the cabin leaders, eat a meal with us, and hear about what God has done in students' lives.

Service Team Family Day arrival is from 1:30-2 pm. The day will end at 8 pm with your camper going home with you that evening.

We hope that parents, family members, or friends for every camper will come to family day. The transition from camp back to home is a critical time for students who are trying to transfer what they have learned during the summer. This is especially true for Service Teamers who spend seven weeks at HoneyRock. Involvement of a camper's permanent community in supporting the transition is essential.

Sleeping Bag Purchase Program

This summer all participants in our high school programs are required to provide their own wilderness style sleeping bag. We are no longer supplying sleeping bags for participants out of our trip locker. We are offering participants the option to purchase a new Marmot sleeping bag for $75; this is $20 less than retail stores. We have chosen this bag because it is the ideal sleeping bag for use in all our high school programs. This fully synthetic, 30-degree rated sleeping bag is warm, versatile, durable and packs easily for use on wilderness trips and campouts. If you are interested in purchasing a sleeping bag please check the box on the registration form. Participants will receive their sleeping bag when they arrive at HoneyRock. Each bag will also have a HoneyRock nametag attached to the zipper pull so it can be easily identified.

2015 Dates

  • June 22 - August 7

Cost: $1750

Financial Assistance Available

Registration opens on November 15th.


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