Vanguard is the gap year program of Wheaton College, located at HoneyRock

Voyageur (entering grades 11-12)

Introducing Our New Wilderness Expedition Camping Program


2017 Dates

  • June 26 - July 21
  • Cost: $1,795

The Experience

Who is this program for?
High School students, specifically rising 11-12 graders who are looking to be challenged through experiences in nature that require learning and applying outdoor skills.

What happens during this program?
This is an extended canoe expedition in one of the wildest places in the lower 48 states. You will learn advanced canoe skills as well as wilderness ethics, backcountry navigation, backcountry cooking, and have opportunities for deep reflection in solitude. Other components will include leadership development, personal reflection, experiences in Creation, and the role of challenge as a discipleship tool for your ministry with your peers.

The Voyageur experience is one month long – what does the schedule look like? 
The first three to four days are spent in camp learning leadership development, outdoor technical skills, adventure challenge skills and team development skills. The next two and a half weeks will be spent in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on an extended wilderness canoeing expedition. Then the last days will be spent back at camp for reflection and closure.

What is the goal of this program?
You should expect to be pushed physically by the natural environment and the purposeful challenge built into the expedition. By exploring the beauty of Creation in one of the most secluded areas in the Northwoods, you will experience the outdoors on a new level. There is a high chance of seeing unique wildlife. The lack of light pollution provides unparalleled views of the night sky and maybe even a chance to see the Northern Lights.

How does this program provide spiritual growth and faith formation?

The disciples of Jesus had one important thing in common: time in the wilderness. The goal of Voyageur is to deepen personal relationships with Christ through discipleship in a wilderness setting. Through morning watch, group devotions, solitude time and disciplined reflection. These times set aside to be with God in Creation offer an ideal place to practice faith and endurance through experiential education. This training in walking by faith practically demonstrates God's provision for us. The time spent in the wilderness is a time to enjoy creation, experience who God is and the strength and joy that is found in Him to emerge better equipped to share God's love.

This will be facilitated by a time of devotion every morning (Morning Watch) where campers and leaders spend time reading and reflecting on God's Word together. There will be a themed Bible study facilitated by the Voyageur leaders each night. This will include activities, group discussions and 1:1 conversations between the camper and his or her leader

To find out more, contact Breann Lindsey, our Wilderness Programs Coordinator.

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