Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistant positions are a paid internships designed to sharpen the skills of camp practitioners, equipping them to be exceptional leaders for the Christian outdoor, adventure, and camp ministry movements.


Vision for Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistantships (GA) integrate academic work facilitated by Wheaton College Graduate School with real life ministry at the camps where they work. On successful completion of the Assistantship, candidates earn an M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry (CFM) with an Outdoor and Adventure Leadership (OAL) concentration.

Graduate Assistants take core CFM courses via real-time teleconference programming at their camps or other remote sites; and gather to take OAL concentration courses in intensive one to two week formats at Wheaton College in Illinois, or at the HoneyRock campus in Northern Wisconsin. They are fully immersed in the HoneyRock community as members of staff, and are mentored along the way by a professional in the field. It is our hope that the stipend from employment will help to offset tuition, especially if supplemented with financial aid.

The positions involve 3 summers and 2 school years of ministry and learning. The first summer, the new GA is an assistant to the outgoing GA. This is followed by a school year taking courses, the middle summer running their program, a second school year finishing the degree, and final summer training their replacement. It is our desire to help place these individuals in ministry in the US or abroad with a HoneyRock partner upon completion of the 28-month experience.


Under the direction of the HoneyRock Program Managers, GAs are part-time employees who are responsible for coordinating a program area of HoneyRock. GAs work between 20-25 hours per week during the school year (September through April) and have a full-time, seasonal staff role in the summer (May through August).

These positions are integrally linked to graduate study in outdoor and adventure ministry.  As a result individuals must carry a course load of 8-12 graduate school credits each semester at the Wheaton College Graduate School in either the Christian Formation and Ministry or Evangelism and Leadership programs with the Outdoor and Adventure Leadership concentration.


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