Christian Camp and Conference Association Affiliation

HoneyRock is teaming up with the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) in a research effort toward the betterment of the global Christian Camp movement. CCCA members have a great opportunity to contribute to and benefit from this combined effort.



Wheaton College Graduate School and Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) are working together to develop exceptional, thoughtful, servant leaders for the Christian camp, outdoor adventure, and youth ministry movements worldwide by making a Masters Degree in Outdoor and Adventure Leadership more accessible to camp employees. This degree is offered in conjunction with HoneyRock.

CCCA and Wheaton faculty are conducting cutting edge research on the life impact of Christian camping. Graduate students will have the opportunity to participate in this research effort designed to benefit the Christian camp movement globally.


Staff members at CCCA organizations can now earn a Wheaton College master’s degree while continuing their current employment at a CCCA member camp. Students can choose between two degrees for the Outdoor and Adventure Leadership (OAL) program:

Program Benefits

This program applies to current staff members of CCCA member organizations and includes the following benefits:

  • Current employees at CCCA member camps will receive a Wheaton College tuition discount of 25% for the OAL concentration degrees.
  • Some courses can also be offered at CCCA member sites if a group of 10 or more individuals from a particular CCCA member camp or regionally clustered camps participate in the program as a cohort. Courses taught at these remotes sites receive a 35% discount.

Qualified Candidates

CCCA member organizations or individuals covered in this agreement include:

  1. Full, part-time, or permanent* seasonal employees at a CCCA member camp.
  2. CCCA individual members in good standing with CCCA who works at a camp on a permanent basis.
  3. Those involved in graduate assistantships, year-long internships, or related post-college apprenticeships at CCCA member camps that are developed in collaboration with Wheaton Graduate School.
  4. Non-working spouses of those in any of the above categories.

*A permanent employee is defined as someone who has an ongoing contract and role at a CCCA member camp or conference center.

Employees must have been at their current camp for a minimum of one year (which can be accumulated over a series of seasons) and plan to be engaged in a CCCA member camp as a permanent employee until their degree is completed.

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