Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are designed to sharpen the skills of ministry practitioners, equipping them to be exceptional leaders for the Christian outdoor, adventure, and camp ministry movements, and the church.


HoneyRock Graduate Assistantships

Application of your classroom learning to hands on leadership and ministry is a critical component of the M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry - Outdoor and Adventure Leadership concentration. The Graduate Assistantship (GA) position provides you with the opportunity to make a real contribution to HoneyRock while earning income.

These positions are offered to all residential graduate students at HoneyRock for the entire two years of your program. GA’s are fully immersed in the HoneyRock community as staff members and are mentored along the way by the professional staff.

Two Options for Assistantship Positions

All Graduate Assistants will be exposed to many of the core skills needed for organizational leadership including:  marketing, budgeting, program planning and evaluation, strategic planning, and staff recruitment, hiring, and supervision.

There are two categories of Graduate Assistantships that students can apply for depending on their vocational aspirations and the availability of work positions: Specialized Graduate Assistantships and the Rotating Graduate Assistantships.

Specialized Graduate Assistantships (SGA)

Under the direction of HoneyRock Program Managers, Specialized Graduate Assistants are responsible for coordinating a specific program area for their entire time as students. This position features:
  • The opportunity to experience the full breadth and depth of a program area of responsibility, including its marketing, budgeting, staff recruitment, training and assessment, as well as training other SGA's into the role.
  • Three summers and two school years of ministry and learning. During your first summer (often prior to starting graduate school), you are trained by an outgoing SGA. During your final summer semester, you will have the opportunity to train and lead the next incoming SGA.  
  • 10-25 work hours per week during the school year (September through April) and a full-time, seasonal staff role in the summer (May through August).

Rotating Graduate Assistantships (RGA)

Rotating Graduate Assistants enjoy the opportunity of experiential training in multiple work areas during their time as students, depending on their vocational training desires and the availability of work roles. The RGA is ideal for those planning to work at small to mid-sized camps, or developing smaller organizations where the staff take on multiple roles.

This position features:

  • Immersion into program planning and leadership as a program assistant with our retreat and adventure challenge programs. This opportunity allows you to understand the HoneyRock landscape, culture, and possibilities.
  • The opportunity to select and map your vocational training path for the rest of your program during your first semester.
  • Participation in up to four different, season-long rotations. Rotations offer training in a variety of practical camp management skills, such as: budgeting and finance, camp based human resource management, visioning and strategic planning, program design and improvement, and multiple program specific technical skills. 
  • An average of 20 hours of work per week for 24 weeks between September and April, followed by full-time, seasonal staff roles in the summer (May through August).

How to Apply

Are you interested in applying? Then read more about the SGA and RGA assistantship positions available at HoneyRock. For details on how to submit your application, visit Graduate Assistant Application Process.


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