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HoneyRock Fellows Program

HoneyRock Fellows exists to develop whole Christian disciples and effective ministry leaders through a yearlong program of vocational discernment and outdoor ministry experience.


About the HoneyRock Fellows Program

The HoneyRock fellows are a group of college graduates seeking personal growth, ministry training, leadership development and vocational discernment. Fellows generally share a common interest in outdoor ministry and desire to grow and develop individually as they serve and lead others in the outdoor context.

Fellows are employed at HoneyRock for over eight months and are paid for working 29 weeks. Fellows pay a program fee that covers the cost of various program elements including a wilderness trip, retreat weekends, community activities and events, Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) sectional conference attendance, various strengths assessments, and a 4-credit course from the Wheaton College Graduate School.

Graduate School Credit

You can earn graduate school credit while you work! All Fellows are required to complete a special student application for Wheaton College Graduate School. This will allow you to complete the four credit hours of course work, two in the fall and two in the spring. You must complete this before you arrive at HoneyRock in September.

Mission and Vision

The HoneyRock Fellows program exists provide college graduates with the time, space and resources needed to integrate their educational and life experiences in a way that prepares them to engage the world as whole and effective Christian leaders. The program is made up of three program components:

  • Personal Formation - HoneyRock fellows will receive personal mentoring and discipleship intended to help them understand their personal gifts and talents. Fellow’s are provided with resources to explore strengths, personality traits and passions through seminars, strengths assessments and personal mentoring.
  • Leadership Development - HoneyRock fellows have the opportunity to participate in HoneyRock’s cutting edge leadership training system that equips young people to be leaders in the world. Fellows will receive training in facilitation, group management, organizational leadership, leadership challenges and leadership best practices.
  • Vocational Discernment - HoneyRock fellows have a unique opportunity to explore in depth the ideas of vocation, calling and career within the context of outdoor ministry. They will participate in seminars and discussions intended to help them understand the Christian vocation as well as their personal calling in the communities they are called to.

HoneyRock Fellows

How to Apply

For available positions and application information, please visit Specifics and How to Apply.

For questions, please contact Rachael Cyrus, HoneyRock Fellows Program Coordinator, at 715.479.7474 ext. 203 or email at

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