Ministry Service Team

A Camp Ministry Apprenticeship


Ministry Service Team - Project Specialist Now Open

This paid position begins in late December 2014 and finishes at the beginning of May 2015. People in these roles may apply for summer 2015 positions as well.

The project specialist roles works with the Site and Facilities staff to perform facility maintenance, assists with grounds care, and works wherever else as needed. Familiarity or skill with construction and operational equipment is preferred, but not mandatory, and applicants must be qualified to drive vehicles under Wheaton College driving regulations. Must be at least 18 years old and graduated from college.

You will be required to live at HoneyRock and pay room & board if you accept this job. A desire to serve others, willingness to be flexible with roles and responsibilities and engagement in the small community of HoneyRock is essential.

How To Apply

Contact Grable Walls at

Phone 715-479-7474 ext. 131


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