OAL Course Sequence Chart


Class Sequencing (4 semesters - 42 credit hours)

Students may complete the CFM M.A. degree with a concentration in Outdoor Adventure Leadership at HoneyRock, the Outdoor Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College. 

Refer to the Christian Formation and Ministry list for course descriptions. 

First and second year classes are offered each Fall and Spring. (Students may choose between CFM 564 or CFM 664 for concentration requirement. CFM 694 is an optional offering.)

First Year

Second Year






CFM 521                  Personal Spiritual Formation (2)


CFM 563                     Church & Outdoor Ministry (4)  

CFM 564  Adventure Challenge Education (4)

CFM 514                Ministry in Culture (2)

CFM 522 History/Traditions of Spiritual Formation (2)

CFM 513 History/Philosophy of Ministry (4)


CFM 515                  Human Development & Ministry (4)


Summer Employment     at HoneyRock

CFM 516 Teaching for Transformation (4)

CFM 694 Administration/Finance of Non-Profits (2)

CFM 662 Theology/Practice of Outdoor Ministry (4)


CFM 663  Leadership Development in Outdoor Adventure Leadership (4)


BITH course (4)

 CFM 664                Wilderness Programming (4)

CFM 512                            Bible in Ministry (2)




CFM 692                   Final Project (Independent study coordinated by CFM faculty) (2)


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