Family Day

Helping to Transfer the Learning Back Home


As a parent you have made a great investment by sending your child to HoneyRock this summer. Participating in Family Day is how you maximize your investment. You will learn ‘hands on’ what happened in your child’s life this summer as you experience life at HoneyRock for the day. Camp is a powerful and transformational event partly because it happens outside of the home environment and permanent system. However, campers need help transferring those lessons back home. Parents and caregivers are the primary transfer agents for the campers. It is your role to help your children figure out how to bring the learning and life change from the temporary community back home (the "permanent" community). Coming to Family Day will help you experience what has happened in the life of your child(ren).


  • Friday June 23, 2017: Intro Camp
  • Thursday July 6, 2017: 12-Day Residential Camp 1, Advance Camp 1
  • Thursday July 20, 2017: 12-Day Residential Camp 2, 2:22, Venture, Voyageur 
  • Thursday August 3, 2017: 12-Day Residential Camp 3, Advance Camp 2
  • Friday August 4, 2017: Service Team and Assistant Counselors

Register Online

There is no charge for participation in Family Day. Please register to attend the event using the Registration Portal >>. This will help us to plan accordingly for your arrival!

What happens on Family Day? 

This day is designed for the entire family—younger siblings are especially invited to come enjoy the day. For several hours the camp activity areas and facilities are open for your child to show you around and share their camp experience with you. Families are invited to participate in many of these activities so dress accordingly. You will also meet one-on-one with your child’s counselors to hear from them what has happened in your child’s life. After a picnic dinner, parents will have the opportunity to hear about the mission and philosophy of HoneyRock’s programs.

Parents and families are invited to arrive for check-in between 1:30-2:00 pm on the last Thursday (Friday for Intro Camp, Service Team, and Assistant Counselors) of each camp session. For Service Team and Assistant Counselors, Family Day will begin at 3 pm on the last Friday of the program. The cabins have a special closing ceremony that night to bring their session to a close. Leaving with parents at the end of Family Day is strongly discouraged. We cannot stress highly enough the value of the camper’s last night with his/her cabin. Therefore, it is our expectation that your child remain at camp until the morning after Family Day.


  • For everyone's protection, we do not allow dogs or other pets at HoneyRock. Thank you for helping us uphold that policy.
  • HoneyRock is "a place apart" and we ask people not to use cell phones in the main areas of camp. While we understand that your work may require you to be accessible by cell phone, please take advantage of this opportunity to unplug and fully engage in the HoneyRock experience.

General Schedule:

Please do not arrive early. Our staff and counselors are busy preparing to make Family Day a special event for everyone. To find the Family Day schedule that is specific to your camper's program, go to Preparing for Camp and look under the specific Information Packet for your child's program. Details specific to each Family Day program are contained in the Information Packets.

Day One (except Intro Camp, Service Team, and Assistant Counselors)

(subject to change)
Time (pm)
Check In/Sign Up for Counselor 1-1 meetings
Activity Areas Open to Everyone
Drama Camper Improv Show
Barn/Ski Demonstrations
Parent One-On-One meetings with your child's counselor
Picnic Dinner with your Family on Chrouser Lawn
Parents Meeting in HoneyRock Chapel
Cabin Group meetings for families and counselors on Chrouser Lawn
Residential Camp Closing Ceremony
 2:22, Venture, Voyageur and Advance Camp program-specific Closing Ceremonies
Goodnight and we'll see you tomorrow morning at 7:45 am!

*Upon arrival, you will receive a Family Day schedule and be directed to the information table to sign up for one-on-ones.

**One-on-ones provide opportunity to meet with your child's counselors and hear about his/her growth while at camp.

Day Two

 7:45 am
Collect luggage at the Blue & White Tent
 8:00 am
Pick your child up on Chrouser lawn
Please arrive on time to pick up your child and their luggage.

If you arrive at HoneyRock after 8:15 am you will have to wait for the buses to depart before being allowed to drive down HoneyRock road.

Pick Up:

Parents (or other pre-authorized persons) need to pick up their campers on the morning after Family Day promptly at 7:45 am. Please do not expect to take your camper home with you after Family Day. This last night includes meaningful final cabin activities for your children. 


Hotels fill quickly during the summer so we recommend making your reservations early. HoneyRock has very limited accommodations available with a minimum 2-night stay for the summer season. You may call our Receptionist (715-479-7474 x201) for information and housing availability at HoneyRock during Family Day weekends. Only full-week cabin reservations (Saturday-Saturday) are taken prior to April 15. Please refer to the local websites/phone numbers below for hotel information:

Please see the driving directions to HoneyRock.  Wheaton to HoneyRock is approximately 350 miles (6 hours). 

We are looking forward to having you join your child in the Family Day celebration!


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