Preparing for Camp

Information on preparing your family for camp.



Before Camp

Getting ready to come to camp can be a stressful time for parents and campers. Sometimes what should be a time of excitement is overshadowed by a cloud by anxiety. Here are 5 simple things parents can do to prepare their children for camp and lower the stress level:

1. Set some goals and expectations:

Talk to your child about camp and what it's all about.  Watch the our program specific videos on the website dedicated to campers.  Talk to other families who have been to HoneyRock before.  While you can't prepare your children for everything, you can give them some idea of what to expect.  It will also give you a good opportunity to set some goals for camp.

Some sample goals:

  • I want to become friends with 3 new people - kids not from my school or church.
  • I want to get an intermediate in Archery this summer.
  • I want to do Solid Rock Club.  

2. Practice being away from home:

We highly recommend this for new campers who are going away to camp for the first time.  Have your child do a couple of nights away from home at Grandma and Grandpa's house or another close friend's house without you.  This will give them some experience in being away from home before they head off to camp.

3. Begin praying about camp:

Set aside some time at meals or before bed to pray about camp.  Pray for your child's cabin mates, their counselors, the bus ride up to camp, the Bible studies they will participate in, the activities they will do, and for safety while they are at camp.

4. Don't make promises you can't or don't intend to keep.

As parents we often make little promises to our children in order to alleviate their fears before they leave for camp.  It can be devastating to a camper if those promises aren't met. Some examples:

  • Don't tell your child you will talk to them on the phone.
  • Don't promise you'll be at Family Day if you really can't make it.
  • Don't tell your child they have $100 in their Beehive account when they only have $20.
  • Don't promise they will know everyone in their cabin.
  • Don't tell them it won't rain and that there are no bugs.
  • Don't tell your child you'll come pick them up if they don't like camp.

5. Read through the Information Packet.

The Information Packet (PDF) contains packing lists, transportation information, as well as forms to have ready before you arrive for bus check-in. We recommend that you download and print the PDF packet for your child's session as this is your primary reference for all things camp

Information Packets

Download the Information Packet for your child's session below.
Each packet is designed to be printed front and back. 

Additional Forms:

For those unable to register online contact our Registration Coordinator for special instructions and assistance.



State law requires an accurate record of your child's current immunization status. DTaP, (Tdap, if age 11 or older), MMR,  OPV/IPV, Hep B, and Varicella (chicken pox) are REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS. Meningitis (age 11 or older) and Hep A are recommended. Attendees will not be allowed to participate in activities without a completed record.


By Wisconsin State law, a student (camper) may be exempt from immunizations for one of two reasons: medical or religious. Exemption includes both refusal to vaccinate and/or refusal of further immunizations to bring the child up to date for age. Medical exemptions must be signed by a physician. Religious exemptions must include a signed statement from the parent/guardian of the camper stating the exact reasons for the requested exemption. The camper parent or guardian must complete the waiver with his/her signature, if camper is a minor. Please note: further documentation and a review process may be necessary if exemption option is selected.

If requesting an exemption from immunizations for a camper, please download a PDF of the Wheaton College/HoneyRock Immunization Exemption Waiver. Send the completed exemption form by May 15th to our health center coordinator either by email to or mail:

HoneyRock Health Center Coordinator
8660 HoneyRock Rd
Three Lakes, WI 54562


  • We know it's tough to pack way in advance, but if you can pack earlier rather than later it is better for your child.  Rushing to find the right stuff and frantically packing the night before gives your child a sense that they are not yet ready for camp. Often on the first day or two of camp they are consumed with wondering if they have everything they need.
  • We highly encourage you and your child to pack together. If this is not possible: 
    • If you pack your child's things please go over everything in your child's bag with them, show them where things are and make sure they feel well prepared for camp. 
    • If your child packs his/her own bag please have your child show you what they packed. Make sure they have everything they need and that they have not packed things they should not bring.
  • Our packing lists are available within the Information Packet PDFs. The program Information Packets are your primary source for camp information. Please download and consider printing as you will refer to this document frequently!


Transportation / Getting to & from Camp

A printable copy of this information is available
within the Information Packet PDF for your camper program.

Confirm Your Transportation Plans Online: 

As part of our online registration process, you will need to choose transportation options for each child. To complete this step: Enter the Registration Portal > Log In > Select “View Itineraries” > Select an enrolled camper > Select the “Transportation” button. 

Honey Rock provides free bus transportation to HoneyRock from several locations for your convenience.  Our pick-up and drop-off options vary, so please carefully read through the information below.

There will be one transportation date from St.Louis on June 26. A$75 charge will be applied to campers travelling from St.Louis. Please pack a healthy breakfast since travel begins quite early.

Except for airport shuttle service, a $75 fee is charged for all bus transportation from HoneyRock

  Pick-up and drop off locations for all camp dates are available from: 

          *Wheaton College 


          *I-94 Poynette Rest Area (pick up only for the HoneyRock bound trip)

          *Culver's Restaurant - Madison (drop off only on the Wheaton return trip)

          *Central Wisconsin Airport 

          *Rhinelander Airport 

  Additional pick-up sites only

              * Schaumburg: All camp dates except June 11 and July 17

                St. Louis: June 26


Please reserve your transportation plans both to and from camp through the Registration Portal > Log In > View Itineraries > Click on camper name.

We provide lunch for all bus travel - excluding those shuttled to and from airports - at no additional charge. For those flying to camp, please send funds for your camper's meals while traveling.


Transportation Dates

To Camp

From Camp

Sunday, June 11
Assistant Counselors
Saturday, June 24
Intro (6-Day) Residential Camp
Monday, June 19
Intro (6-Day) Residential Camp
Advance Camp 1
Service Team
Friday, July 7
12-Day Residential Camp 1
Advance Camp 1

Monday, June 26
12-Day Residential Camp 1

Friday, July 21
12-Day Residential Camp 2
Monday, July 10
12-Day Residential Camp 2

Friday, August 4
12-Day Residential Camp 3
Advance Camp 2

Monday, July 17
Advance Camp 2

Monday, July 24
12-Day Residential Camp 3
Saturday, August 5
Assistant Counselors
Service Team

Bus Times traveling to HoneyRock


Check-In Time

St. Louis 4 am 
Wheaton College 6:30 am
Schaumburg 8:15 am
9:15 am
I-94 Poynette Rest Area
11:15 am
HoneyRock 3:30 pm


Bus Times returning from HoneyRock


Parent Pick-Up Time

HoneyRock 8 am
Madison Culver's
12:30 pm
2:30 pm
Wheaton College
4 pm


Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

St. Louis Westminster Christian Academy parking lot. I-64 West. Take exit 23 toward Maryville/Centre Dr. Turn left onto Maryville Centre Dr. Entrance to school is directly ahead.

Wheaton College — Parking lot between Fischer Dorm and the Sports & Recreation Complex.  Take Harrison Ave to Centennial Drive and go south past Fischer Dorm.  The parking lot is on your left.

Schaumburg — I-290 West. Take exit 1B toward Woodfield Rd/Golf Rd. The bus will be in the parking lot fronting the Streets of Woodfield Starbucks & Chipotle & The Lego Store.

Rockford — I-90/I-39 Northbound.  Take the State Street exit to the Clocktower Resort.  The bus will be in the parking lot behind the Clocktower Resort.

I-94 Poynette Rest Area - I-39/90/94 (westbound) from Wheaton; look for rest area 12 at mile marker 113; pick up campers bound for HoneyRock only

Culver's Restaurant in Madison - I-90/94 Northbound. Take Exit 126 (Dane/DeForest.) Culvers is on the east side of I-90/94 and you will be able to see it from the highway; drop off campers on the Wheaton bound return trip only

HoneyRock — 8660 Honey Rock Road, Three Lakes, WI  54562

Other Bus Information

  • Please be sure your child knows where he/she is getting off the bus on the return trip home.
  • Please do NOT send your child on the bus with gum, soda, cell phone, MP3 player (iPod), or electronic games. These items are not permitted at HoneyRock and HoneyRock is not responsible for loss or damage. Bus monitors will enforce this policy.

Aside from live travel updates on Facebook, please enjoy our blog, photos, social media, and personal letters from your camper to stay connected with camp life.


Flying to and from Camp

If your child will be flying to camp, we highly recommend that he/she flies to Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA) in Mosinee, WI or Rhinelander Oneida County Airport (RHI).  Please check with your airline ahead of time to take care of any additional charges. HoneyRock will not be responsible for the cost of extra luggage or any unaccompanied minor fees. If you wish to contact the airport, you may call CWA at 715-693-2147 or Rhinelander at 715-365-3416.

There is no charge for HoneyRock shuttle service to or from CWA or RHI airports. Please arrange arrival into CWA by 2:00 pm or RHI by 3:30 pm on the day the camp session begins. Arrange departure from CWA or RHI between 9:30 am and 2:00 pm on the day the camp session ends. If these times are impossible to arrange, please email at or call HoneyRock at 715-479-7474 ext.301 before making your reservation to discuss options. If you send travel money with your child, please seal it in an envelope with his/her name and amount and pack it in a location known to your camper. We are unable to withdraw money from the Beehive for travel home.

Driving Information (Own Transportation)

  • If you are driving your child directly to camp, please arrive between 2-3 pm for check-in on the day the camp session begins. Upon arrival our staff will direct you to the check-in area.
  • If you are picking up your child from camp on the last day of the session, please arrive promptly at 8:00 am. If someone other than you is picking up your child from camp, email or mail the Transportation Authorization Form to our office prior to the departure date.

Lodging Needs

If you need housing when you drop off or pick up your child, please see the Family Day webpage within the Information Packets.
Hotels and campgrounds fill quickly during the summer, so we recommend making your reservations early. Please refer to the local websites/phone numbers below for hotel information:

During Camp

  • Pray for your children, their counselors, the other children in their cabin and for everything they are learning.
  • Write encouraging letters to your camper and send one-way emails purchased during online registration. Please refer to the Information Packets for more information about sending emails.


After Camp

Here are some ways to connect with your children after they have had a powerful camp experience.

1. Come to Family Day:

As a parent you have made a great investment by sending your child to HoneyRock this summer. Participating in Family Day is the best way to maximize your investment. You will learn firsthand what happened in your child’s life this summer as you experience life at HoneyRock for the day. You will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with your child’s counselors on Family Day which will allow you to hear about the specific ways that your child was challenged and grew while at HoneyRock.  We will help you begin the process of connecting with your child’s experience and applying it to life back home.

Family Day at HoneyRock is really all about connecting. We love watching parents embrace their child as they reconnect after spending time apart. A meeting is held for parents to get to know the Director and other staff. Parents will get to spend some important time with their child’s counselor or trip leader. This is one of the most significant parts about Family Day. We pray the day will also deepen relationships with the Lord as experiences and stories are shared that glorify Him for what He has done in the lives of people through HoneyRock.

2. Use Conversation Starters and Links:

Below you will find two separate conversation starters that you can use to connect with your child on their camp experience. Questionnaire number one was created by HoneyRock parents and number two created by the HoneyRock staff. Click on the following conversation starters for great conversations with your children.


3. Do something active with your child that they learned at camp or let them teach you something that they learned.

Maybe your child learned how to make a campfire or they learned how to kayak for the first time. Allow them to show you what they learned by engaging them in that particular activity. This will show them that you are interested in what they learned at camp. This method is particularly useful for children who have a hard time talking about things.

4. Host a HoneyRock reunion at your house.

This will help your children connect with the cabin mates that they became so close to and encourage them to remember the things that they were taught about the Lord.

5. Come to the HoneyRock Round-Up in Wheaton.

HoneyRock hosts a Round-Up celebration each year.  Your attendance as a family will trigger memories of your child’s experience at camp and will give you the opportunity to spend some time having fun with your children.  

6. Head north to HoneyRock for the ReGroup Retreat.

During Christmas break, high school campers and counselors return to HoneyRock to enjoy winter fun, build on the spiritual growth begun in summer, and bring in the New Year - HoneyRock style!  Click here for more information.

7. Facilitate communication between cabin mates.

Before departing HoneyRock, encourage your camper to gather contact information if they wish to keep in touch with new friends. HoneyRock cannot give out this information.

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