HoneyRock forestry and land management internships

Summer Internships 2017

Live, learn and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world next summer!


Looking for a summer internship?

HoneyRock now offers a wide variety of internship opportunities in business, ministry and education.

With operational centers throughout HoneyRock, you can practically apply your degree toward satisfying an internship requirement within a Christian camp setting.  HoneyRock internships are structured to provide:

• Formal assessment of your vocational strengths
• Intentional mentoring process
• Skill development through meaningful work
• Coaching and discernment
• Professional career related certifications
• Resume writing assistance and support

Internships are available for a wide variety of majors. Let us work with you and your college or university to ensure that your internship requirements are met. You will benefit by…

• Gaining real-world hands on experience
• Developing marketable skills in a variety of professional fields
• Exploring potential career options
• Growing in personal and relational competencies desired by employers
• Deepening your relationship with Christ through an authentic community and experiences in creation.

 Operational Internships    Specialized Ministry Internships
 Forestry/Land Management    Outdoor Ministry Leadership
 Marketing    Leisure/Recreation/Camp Ministry Leadership
 Technology/IT    Youth Ministry Leadership
 Retail Management    
 Hospitality/Food Services    
 Challenge Course    
Construction Management    

We offer two types of internship in this area: Exploratory and Capstone.

Consider an Exploratory Internship ...
if you want to take your education and apply it in real-world situations. In an exploratory internship, you begin to evaluate how well your skills and interests align to your chosen field. 

Consider a Capstone Internship ... if you want to build expertise in your chosen field. You begin building significant experience that will translate into strong resume differentiators, preparing you for work or ministry after graduation.

Visit here to learn more and complete your application!

Application deadline: March 15, 2017


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