Summer Leadership School (SLS)

HoneyRock's flagship leadership program for college students since 1951.


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SLS Overview

For over 60 years, Summer Leadership School (SLS) at HoneyRock has been equipping and empowering college students to be leaders who make a difference for Jesus Christ. SLS combines educational experiences with a real, hands-on ministry opportunity. This unique program offers up to 12 hours of academic credit in a variety of different course areas which is then followed by students applying what they learned by serving as paid counselors in a dynamic summer camp program for young people.

SLS Training

All SLS students will receive extensive ministry training, beginning in February with a retreat at HoneyRock. This preparation involves course work and specialized training in working with campers. Students will be certified by the American Red Cross in First Aid, CPR, and emergency water safety. Training is led by HoneyRock staff working side-by-side with Wheaton faculty members who are experts in child development, communication, education, and psychology. Training time also facilitates the development of team unity and quality friendships.

Wheaton College students taking classes at HoneyRock for Wheaton in the Northwoods (WIN)


Each student must take at least 4 hours of credit to participate in SLS. These courses are taught in a modular format where students take one course at a time over a span of two weeks. Classes often take place outdoors, are discussion-oriented, and have smaller, more intimate sizes than on the main Wheaton campus. The goal is for all courses to directly apply to the student’s ministry as a camp counselor.


Students in SLS will counsel for 7 weeks of camp. Students will be partnered together and will lead a cabin of 6-8 campers, ages 8-14. Students will prepare Bible studies and activities designed to challenge their campers to grow and dedicate their whole lives to Jesus Christ. Students will be paid during this time. Some SLS students will be responsible for leading Advance Camp, HoneyRock’s camp program for 9th graders.

ResCamp Group at HoneyRock

2015 SLS Schedule


SLS 2015

SLS Schedule





Retreat at HoneyRock

This retreat lays the foundation for a summer of ministry leadership.

SLS students are not paid during this time.


May 15 - 
June 20


Training & Foundational Courses

Required CE 453: Leadership Development for Ministry (4)

and (choose one):

BITH 211: Old Testament (4)

BITH 213: New Testament (4)

BITH 315: Christian Thought (4)

PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy (4)

Tuition is 4 or 8 hours at $565/credit hour. (Scholarships Available)

Room and board during this time is $650*.


SLS students are not paid during this time.


June 22 - Aug. 7


Camp Counseling

You will be a counselor for either:

Residential Camp - Grades 3-8 -or- Advance Camp - 9th Grade

Both programs involve leading a group of 6-8 young people in Bible Studies and other camp activities.


SLS students receive a base pay of
$350/week with $130/week deducted for room and board.







Time of debriefing & celebration

Last paid day is August 12.


*If you sign up for SLS before December 15, 2014, you will receive $650 off your total bill. (This is the cost of your room and board between the May 15 - June 20 class time ONLY. Please note that Room and Board will still be deducted for the time you are counseling.) 

  • Scholarships are available.
  • If these course offerings do not work for you, please call us at 630.752.5124 or stop by the HoneyRock Office in Schell Hall to discuss other options.


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