HoneyRock Leadership Certificate Program

Leadership Certificate

Gain a Leadership Certificate as part of your degree


Leadership in today’s world requires a new set of skills. Gaining these skills is a process that should be experienced both inside and outside the classroom. In fact a recent survey of incoming freshman showed that 96% of students believe that leadership skills are an important part of their Wheaton College experience. Additionally, 65%of students stated they would like formal ways to develop these leadership skills.

Because of this need, Wheaton College now offers a new Leadership Certificate. Open to all majors, the Leadership Certificate offers a wide range of courses from theoretical to practical.

The Leadership Certificate is a program for emerging leaders who seek a depth of character and skill that will enable them to contribute to effective and redemptive communities. Participation in the program will foster development in spiritual formation, foundational knowledge, and key leadership competencies through academic study and real world application.

• Deepen learning and transformation
• Cultivate character and personal integrity
• Learn necessary theory and effective models of leadership
• Develop practical leadership skills
• Participate in opportunities to practice these skills in leadership of self and others

Through your coursework, internships in your field, and the completion of  your capstone project, you will develop the skills necessary to build collaboration and the exchange of ideas critical to making an authentic impact as a leader today. 

Of the 26 credit hours required, 6 hours are taken during one summer semester at HoneyRock, Wheaton College’s Outdoor Center for Leadership Development. Located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, HoneyRock is “a place apart” focused on leadership, service, and God’s creation. With over 800 acres of facilities and resources, HoneyRock hosts a wide variety of programs dedicated to leadership development, such as summer camps, retreats, gap year, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

Your leadership certificate appears as part of your official transcript and demonstrates your unique achievement at Wheaton College.

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