Wheaton Passage

Wheaton's transition program for first-year students.


Embrace the Adventure!

Wheaton Passage is Wheaton College's first-year student transition program and is specifically designed to help you form friendships and effectively navigate the college years.

Wheaton Passage is split into three options: Wilderness Track, Camp Track, or Urban Track.

  • Students check-in at Wheaton College and then head out to either the wilderness, the city or HoneyRock 
  • Each track will meet for 4-10 days in a separate location
  • All tracks come together for five days at HoneyRock for small group discussions with Wheaton faculty, service projects and worship within a larger community

Whether you choose the Wilderness Track, Urban Track or Camp Track, your time will be filled with adventure, friendship and connection.

How to Register for Wheaton Passage

  1. Complete your Wheaton Passage Participant Questionnaire
  2. Register on line through the Wheaton Passage Registration portal
  3. Check out the information for the Wheaton Passage track you want to attend to find out specific details and review the recommended packing lists for UrbanCamp and Wilderness tracks
  4. Check out the Coursework information to get materials and prepare for Passage
  5. Buy your textbooks at the Wheaton College bookstore
  6. Join the Facebook group to find out who will be there at facebook.com/groups/2015wheatonpassage 

Special Note:
Wilderness Passage is now full, but you can still sign up for Camp track and go on a waiting list for Wilderness track. After registering for Wilderness, you will need to complete an additional registration for Camp track. If a spot opens up in Wilderness track, we will contact people on the waiting list in the order that the reservations were made. With regards to transportation, you should insert your travel plans for Camp track and leave the transportation plans blank for your wait listed position, until you are confirmed on Wilderness track. Click here >> for detailed wait list instructions.

If you have questions about the program or need assistance in the registration process, please call Rachael Cyrus at 715-479-7474 ext. 203 or email: passage@honeyrockcamp.org

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