Wheaton Passage

The Beginning of Your Wheaton College Experience


Start Building Relationships Now

Wheaton Passage is Wheaton College's first-year student transition program that is specifically designed to help you form friendships and effectively navigate the transition into Wheaton.

Designed and run by HoneyRock, the College’s Outdoor Center for Leadership Development, Passage has a long history of enhancing the freshman experience by providing a small group of peers, an upper-class mentor and a Faculty leader to every student before they arrive on campus. 

Why the President Encourages Wheaton Passage

For at least half of the student body, Passage is a foundational aspect of the Wheaton experience. The program is strongly promoted by President Ryken, who sends out letters to all accepted students encouraging them to participate.

Research done by Wheaton Professor and Director of the Outdoor Center for Leadership Development revealed that students who participate in a pre orientation transition program have higher GPA’s, stronger social connections and increased confidence in the first year. They also adapt better to the academic and social culture of Wheaton.

Further research done by Wheaton Professors Emily Langan, Dave Setran and Barrett McRay, revealed that Wheaton Passage involvement was the second highest place in which students found their closest friends at Wheaton.

Passage enrollment rises every year, and has almost reached the 50% mark at Wheaton. At the end of Passage last year, 92% of participants reported that Wheaton Passage helped them form supportive Wheaton friendships.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make friends with peers, upperclassman and faculty before you step on campus! 

Wheaton offers four different options for students:

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