Be a Wheaton Passage Leader!

Mentor first-year students participating in Wheaton's pre-orientation program.


Application Process

  1. Fill out the 2014 Seasonal Staff Employment Application, being sure to indicate which track (wilderness, urban, or camp) you are interested in leading.
  2. Send in three recommendations (professor, mentor/leader, other). Recommendations may not be required if you have participated in AMP, SLS, Activity Staff or previously led Passage.
  3. Interview

Wheaton Passage Leader Program Dates (including training)

  • Wilderness Track: July 28-August 21, 2014
  • Urban Track: August 4-21, 2014
  • Camp Track: August 10-21, 2014

Check out some of the characteristics of Wheaton Passage leaders:

  • You have a growing relationship with Jesus.
  • You are comfortable leading a small group.
  • You are capable of leading discussions.
  • You are passionate about friendship and mentoring other students.
  • You understand and are empathetic to students in transition.
  • You were impacted by Wheaton Passage.*
  • You love HoneyRock.*
  • You love helping a group become closer to each other through planning fund bonding activities.
  • You are excited about partnering with Wheaton College faculty in a camp setting.
  • You are excited about introducing students to life at Wheaton College.
*It is ideal to have HoneyRock experience and be a past Passage participant. However, this is not required.

More questions?

Review our Wheaton Passage Leader FAQ's or contact our Passage Coordinator (715-479-7474).

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