Center for Urban Engagement

Urban Track

Being a part of Urban track provides you the opportunity to serve the Chicago community while building friendships that will last a lifetime.


Wheaton Passage

August 8-20, 2015

Cost $750

  • You will meet at Wheaton College on August 8th and board vans to the Wheaton College Urban Studies facility located in the Uptown neighborhood, one of Chicago's most diverse communities.
  • Once in Chicago, you will be living and working in community (sleeping, cooking and eating meals) with your fellow classmates under the leadership of highly trained HoneyRock staff members.
  • Dedicated to community service, you will interface with different organizations that are ministering throughout the city of Chicago.
  • Prepare for Passage by checking the Urban Track Packing List.

HoneyRock Passage Urban Track

All tracks come together August 15 at HoneyRock, where you will be joined by the Wilderness and Camp tracks, for several days of small group discussions.

Each small group will interface with Wheaton College faculty during the last week of Passage as well as meet an additonal two times on campus during the semester. Small groups also work on service projects in the local community and participate in various activities at HoneyRock.

On August 20, all Passage students will travel back to Wheaton in time for on-campus orientation.

During Passage, students are enrolled in CE 131: Introduction to Spiritual Formation and receive 2 hours of course credit. Students will complete reading and writing assignments before and after coming to HoneyRock as part of the course experience.

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