Vanguard Gap Year

Vanguard is a gap year program for 18-20 year old high school graduates seeking a formative educational experience prior to enrolling at college.



Discover God's Purpose in Your Life

Are you unsure where to go after high school? Many students find themselves burnt-out, overwhelmed, and disconnected after completing the rigors of high school and college applications. This time of life is full of difficult decisions that will have lasting impact.

The Vanguard Gap Year offers you a bridge between high school and college, while you learn new skills and experience the world. In the liberal arts tradition, Vanguard develops the whole person--mind, body, and soul. This community-based year of hands-on education and leadership development will prepare you for the challenges of college and beyond.

If you have questions about what a gap year is like, about Wheaton College's gap year called Vanguard or if you are interested in learning more about gap year programs, please contact our gap year Program Manager, Charlie Goeke, through email or call him at 715-479-7474 ext. 231.

The Christian Liberal Arts Gap Year of Wheaton College

Your time at Vanguard will deepen your awareness and understanding of the world, your talents, and your place in God's kingdom. As a Vanguard, you will:

  • Engage your mind with practical studies led by Wheaton College faculty and guest speakers
  • Live in an immersive, Christ-centered community
  • Nurture joy in giving and service
  • Participate in recreational activities like white-water paddling, climbing, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, and hiking
  • Commit to daily tasks that sustain community life

    Upon successful completion of the Vanguard program and with positive recommendation from our faculty, participants will receive preference in the undergraduate admissions process for the next fall semester at Wheaton College.


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