Nathan O. HatchNathan O. Hatch

Nathan O. Hatch was inaugurated the thirteenth President of Wake Forest University in 2005. Dr. Hatch received his B.A. from Wheaton College, his M.A. from Washington University, and his Ph.D. from Washington University.

From 1983 until 1988 Dr. Hatch served as associate dean of the College of Arts and Letters and then acting dean for one year at the University of Notre Dame. He was then appointed vice president for graduate studies and research in 1989. From 1996 to 2005 he was named provost of Notre Dame, the second highest position at the university. Additionally, he held an appointment as the Andrew V. Tackes Professor of History.

Dr. Hatch is a leading scholar of religion in the early American Republic, having authored numerous articles and the influential volume, The Democratization of American Christianity (Yale, 1991). Along with Mark Noll, Dr. Hatch is a co-founder of the ISAE.

Mark NollMark Noll

Mark Noll is the Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Noll received his B.A. from Wheaton College, his M.A. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University.

After four years at Trinity College (IL), Dr. Noll was a member of the history faculty at Wheaton College from 1978 to 2006. Along with Dr. Nathan Hatch of the University of Notre Dame he laid the groundwork for what would eventually become the ISAE through a Lilly Endowment-supported conference on “The Bible in America” in 1979.

Dr. Noll is one of the foremost scholars of American religion and has authored dozens of articles for scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers; in 2005 he was named one of the 25 Most Influential Evangelicals by Time magazine.

His most recent book is From Every Tribe & Nation: A Historian's Discovery of the Global Christian Story (Baker, 2014). Among the many other books he has authored are God and Race in American Politics: A Short History (Princeton University Press, 2008),The Civil War as a Theological Crisis (University of North Carolina Press, 2006), Is the Reformation Over? An Evangelical Assessment of Contemporary Roman Catholicism (with Carolyn Nystrom, Baker, 2005), America’s God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln (Oxford, 2002), Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity (Baker, 1997), and A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada (Eerdmans, 1992). His book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (Eerdmans, 1994) was named Christianity Today's 1994 “Book of the Year.”  

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