The National Association of Evangelicals


National Association of EvangelicalsHistorically, one of the defining organizations within modern American evangelicalism is the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) >>. Founded in 1942, the NAE serves as an umbrella organization that attempts to represent evangelical interests and views on a wide-ranging assortment of spiritual, social, cultural, and political issues. Including local congregations from 50 member denominations as well as individual churches from 24 other Protestant denominations, the NAE estimates that it represents a constituency of about 30 million people. Nonetheless, it cannot be said that the NAE in any way serves as an authoritative—or even well-known—factor in the secular or religious lives of the vast majority of evangelicals in the United States. For this reason, although it continues to provide a venue for discussion among evangelical leaders and serves as the closest thing resembling a representative voice for the nation’s evangelicals, the NAE’s influence has been on the wane since the 1980s. Records for the NAE (covering the period 1941-2000) can be found in the Wheaton College Archives & Special Collections>>.

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