The Changing Face of American Evangelicalism

The Changing Face of American Evangelicalism supported research on evangelical and ethnic and racial communities as they seek to understand their relationship to historic and contemporary dimensions of the evangelical subculture and the larger American culture.


American evangelicalism is routinely portrayed in media accounts as a "white" movement and subculture often assumed to be synonymous with conservative religious, cultural, and political constituencies from long-established "old stock" Western and Northern European immigrant groups. This sort of conception ignores the very real diversity within a subculture that, from its origins, contained a large African-American cohort, and a rich lineage of Latino and various Asian evangelical groups began to take root during the 19th-century. This diversity has only deepened and expanded in the wake of mid-1960s immigration reform as an influx of immigrants from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and South and East Asia have created a whole new network of denominations and churches as well as strengthening the older evangelical groups. While there has been a great deal of research and writing about evangelicalism in recent years, this particular dimension of the movement has been understudied even as it grows in size and importance.  

Research Travel Grants on the Diversity of American Evangelicalism

The ten grants, awarded to five professional scholars and five graduate students, were:

  • Conversion Patterns to Evangelicalism Among Latinas
    Aida Ramos-Wada, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • The Spread of New Worship Styles Among Ethnic Congregations in Boston and Los Angeles
    Lester Ruth, Duke Divinity School
  • Post-WWII Social Justice and Compassion Ministries
    Gary Vanderpol, Denver Seminary
  • Relations between Korean-American and South Korean Evangelicals
    Joseph Yi, Hanyang University (South Korea)
  • Korean Immigrant Congregations in New York City
    K. Kale Yu, Nyack College
  • The Role of Evangelicalism in the Acculturation of Mexican Immigrants
    Jonathan Calvillo, University of California Irvine
  • The Role of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition in Attempts to Battle Poverty
    Jack Delehanty, University of Minnesota
  • Ethnic Minority Evangelicals and Grassroots Community Organizing
    Brad Fulton, Duke University
  • The Development of Community among Evangelical Latin American Immigrants
    Karen Hooge Michalka, University of Notre Dame
  • Evangelicals and Interracial Marriage in Contemporary America
    Joshua Tom, Baylor University

Proposals and Topics

  • Brazilian Evangelicals in the United States
    Paul Freston
  • Asian American Evangelicals in a Multiethnic World
    Kathleen Garces-Foley and Russell Jeung
  • Latino Religious Realignment and the Changing Moral Landscape of American Latino Life 
    Edwin Hernandez and Kenneth G. Davis
  • The Changing Face of Chinese-American Evangelicals
    Theodore Hsieh
  • Asian Americans: The New Face of Evangelical Campus Ministries"
    Rebecca Kim
  • Haitian Baptists in Florida since the Seventies
    David Michel
  • Transforming the Covenant: The Emergence of Ethnic Diversity in A Swedish-American Denomination" 
    Kurt Peterson
  • Returning the Fire: Korean Pentecostals in the USA
    William Purinton
  • The Evangelical Reconstruction of Chinese American Protestantism
    Timothy Tseng
  • 'Parar De Sufrir?' Latino Evangelicals, Transnationalism, and the Influence of the Prosperity Gospel
    Arlene M. Sánchez Walsh

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